8 Reasons to use Explainer Videos on your Website

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People have options, they don’t have time. This is one of the golden rules of marketing. Naturally, this sentiment urges you to ensure your audience is hooked in the first 10 seconds of their visit. Otherwise, chances are they will leave. Yes, this opening is extremely narrow, but if you manage to capture your audience’s attention, you can expect much higher ROI, better conversion rates and, most importantly, a much lower bounce rate.

Explainer videos are the perfect solution for this task. When done right, they are often much more effective in transmitting your unique proposition, explaining your service niche and product, and generally communicating with your audience. Moreover, if you make your video short, to the point, and visually compelling, you will retain your audience’s attention much longer. This 10-second window will instantly become a 90- —to 120-second window, instantly increasing many of your stats.

Indeed, explainer videos require more resources, better website speed, and some professional help. However, the return on this investment is astronomical. Let’s discuss further how an explainer video can improve your website and business. But before we start, let’s ensure we are on the same page. We are not about adding any old video. We are discussing explainer videos in particular, and there are some differences.

What Is An Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short-form video created to market or sell products. These videos are often between 90 and 120 seconds, as these are the best performers on average. Of course, you can also go for just a minute or 3-5 minutes, but keeping your explainer video fluff-free and to the point is essential. People searching for information will not tolerate stalling or repetition. In fact, about 43% of your audience will stop watching just after the second minute. Additionally, longer videos cost more, as the animation, the script and the voiceover are usually pay-per-minute based. So, if you decide on a longer video, you must be absolutely sure you simply can’t fit your explanation in 120 seconds.

Representation of shooting an explaner video

Usually, explainer videos are not lead-generation tools. Instead, they are most often charged with selling the product or at least pushing the customer further down the funnel. They also give you the opportunity to establish your brand voice and style.

Most companies rely on animated videos to represent a particular scenario in which their product or service will make a difference. This Trendy Buttle explainer video does the job pretty well, although it’s about 30 seconds longer than recommended.

It uses storytelling, humor and several persuasion tactics, making a perfect blend. Moreover, the entire video, though 150 seconds, is never repetitive. The first 15 seconds are a masterful hookup that covers about 95% of their target audience. Thus, it’s a direct call to the people they are most likely to help.

So, to sum it up, an explainer video is a short-form marketing or sales video that targets a particular audience and explains how the company’s product or service will solve a specific problem. They are easy to consume, straightforward and entertaining. That’s why explainer videos are so effective.

The New Generations Prefer Watching over Reading

Though Gen Z is bringing back reading as a favorite pastime, they still rely heavily on short-form videos to stay informed. Two-thirds of young adults aged 18-26 prefer short-form videos to deepen their understanding of a particular area. Naturally, this trend translates to their research habits. So, a short-form video is the most effective way to reach this young demographic.

Of course, the video has to be to the point, entertaining, and offer significant value from start to finish. For instance, if you try to stall at the beginning of your video with a long and boring story about who you are, these demographics will instantly lose interest.

So, a great explainer video will ensure you captivate the biggest spenders on the market (the Мillennials) and the up-and-coming generation (Gen Z) already quite active on the market.

Explainer Videos Offer More Efficient Communication

Using texts to describe a product and its implementation can be tricky. Even when using the proper pictures, something is always missing. In this regard, nothing makes communication with your audience more efficient than a short video. It allows businesses to convey highly complex information in a way that’s both fun and easy to understand.

Moreover, unlike with your text, you can implement the visual elements to help you show what your product is capable of.

Representation of watching a video

Moreover, when searching for a product, the user often looks at several tabs simultaneously. This way, a long and complex text can easily lose his attention. For example, a 1-minute video equals about a 200-word voiceover. However, with the capability to show, not tell, while the voiceover is explaining, short 1-minute videos can easily substitute a 500-word worth of text.

With the video, you can also add a dose of human and your brand personality to the mix, making it far less intensive and much more relaxing for the user.

Unsurprisingly, many startup companies have utilized short-form explainer videos with great success. These companies must educate their audience without sounding condescending or turning their website into a study book. Naturally, explainer videos provide them with the perfect opportunity to showcase their product, educate potential users, and enhance their brand awareness.

Indeed, explainer videos can be a gold mine for your brand awareness.

Explainer Videos Are Much Easier to Share

Explainer videos can make a huge difference in your brand awareness. They’ll make the entire process of sharing your perfect pitch across channels much more accessible.

Furthermore, this will make a huge difference when communicating with people who are not ready to make the purchasing decision on their own. For example, if a husband is willing to make a nice gesture to his wife but is unsure whether your product is the one she wants, he could share the explainer video with her or one of her close friends. This way, he can get the women’s perspective without altering any aspect of your offer.

This benefit is invaluable for more complex products or services. By sharing your video, the user will ensure that they won’t forget any important facts when presenting the product to someone interested.

A great example would be wireless shifts for a mountain bike. Now, most people have absolutely no idea how they work or what the benefits are. True, the benefits can be easily remembered, but the way it works is a bit harder to assimilate if you are not a cyclist or a mechanic yourself.

On the plus side, when someone shares your explainer video, you ultimately receive the chance to give a second-hand user your best pitch without outside interference. As you can imagine, this will lead to far better results.

Indeed, explainer videos will increase not only your brand awareness but also your overall conversion rates.

Explainer Videos Convert Better

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of adding an explainer video to your content. Indeed, the conversion rate will skyrocket significantly, as a 2019 study has shown an increase of 80%. Of course, this depends on your pre-video conversion rates, but these numbers are simply staggering for a startup.

This is hardly a surprise, though, as explainer videos will always give your best sales pitch to any user. Naturally, if you have the resources, it’s a great idea to ensure your video speaks precisely to the audience most interested in your product. So, before you create, ensure you know your audience, their needs, desires and pain points. Ensure you know how to play with their emotions and make your product irresistible.

Representation of increasing stats

A professionally made explainer video will lead to a much better conversion rate, especially if it’s in your sales arsenal. However, there are many more benefits, even if the video is not your sales pitch but rather a tool for forwarding your clients down the funnel.

Explainer Videos Reduced Bounce Rate

As we mentioned in our intro, you have 10 seconds to impress your audience and make them want to see more. That’s harder to achieve than it sounds. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, retaining the customer’s attention and making a proper sales pitch is hard. That’s even more challenging for Millenials and Gen Z, whose attention spans just under 8 seconds.

However, explainer videos seem to do this job pretty well. In fact, they successfully redirect users to another page on your website. Naturally, thanks to explainer videos, your website’s average bounce rate drops by 34%. This is a massive boost to your overall stats, as a lower bounce rate is related to higher conversions, better traffic, and much better revenues. Also, with a lower bounce rate, you will notice an increase in your retention rates.

Additionally, users will spend about 88% more time on your page if you have an explainer video. This clearly shows that the explainer videos manage to keep users on your website, which naturally leads to more conversions and, ultimately, better organic traffic.

Explainer Videos Are Good For Your SEO

Indeed, the higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate and more time spent on your website will give you a significant SEO boost. All of these factors are within Google’s recommendations for increasing your website’s score. So, of course, you will enjoy a much better Google ranking for relevant keywords.

One thing to consider, however, is that Google crawlers do not watch or understand your videos. So, if you want to rank it for a specific keyword, you need to add tags and metadata. Otherwise, your video will have great potential but practical implementation.


So, make sure your explainer video has a great and well-thought-out H1 tag (headline) and a clear and keyword-optimized meta descriptionrepresentation of searching in google. Only then will you enjoy the vast benefits of an outstanding SEO score and being on Google’s first page and first place.

Explainer Videos Bring In Better Traffic

With great SEO and Google Search engine positions come much higher traffic. But your SEO score won’t be the only thing boosting your traffic. A great explainer video will entice people to share it with others who might be interested in your product. It’s common for someone to copy and share a video with a friend with whom they have discussed a problem. For example, if you offer a product that helps people quit smoking, you can share it throughout all media. Naturally, even people who don’t smoke but are concerned about their relatives or friend’s health will share your solution with them. This will increase your traffic even further.

In other words, a great explainer video will transform your users into your sales agents. Naturally, you need to be persuasive enough and know the precise angle at which to attack.

representation of increased website traffic

That’s not just a theory. Several studies have shown that explainer videos increase your website traffic by up to 157%.

Of course, better traffic, combined with lower bounce and higher conversion rates, will lead to much better revenues and ROI since this video will only cost a fraction of what conventional lead generation campaigns cost.

Explainer Videos Help You Build Up Credibility

Monetary benefits are only part of the deal. With explainer videos, you will increase your credibility tenfold. By communicating directly and clearly your goals, values, and, of course, your product’s benefits, you will instantly build up your reputation.

Due to the media specifics, videos can break down complex information into much easier-to-digestible pieces with the help of visuals, narration, and demonstration. This can make it easier for visitors to grasp your brand’s message, product’s functionalities, or service’s intricacies. Users who feel they understand what you offer are more likely to trust your expertise.

Furthermore, the video puts a face on your brand. It is the perfect way to establish your brand personality and brand voice. Make sure they are relatable to your audience. While being funny is trendy at the moment, it’s definitely not a bulletproof way to make yourself more likable. It all depends on your public and your product. Still, making your video with a lighthearted demeanor will make you appear more human, likable, and relatable.

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t really a catch. All you have to do is create an excellent explainer video, put it on your website and promote it through your channels. Naturally, the video must be of exceptionally high quality, which can be a bit heavy for a website. However, if you want to inspire trust, you can’t afford to have crashes or have your website loading for ages. You need fast, reliable hosting that will ensure your potential customers will be able to get to your video at will.

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