July 10th, 2024 at 12:26 pm

How to Use AI when building your website?

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If you’ve read our predictions for 2024 on eCommerce, SEO, WordPress, and Digital Marketing, you would have noticed one aspect that is present in every single article. We are talking, of course, about AI. Indeed, artificial intelligence is not only creating waves anymore. It’s a storm that will eventually engulf each aspect of online surfing. The AI market has grown by 20% each year since it entered the market.

Moreover, the industry will be worth 15.7 trillion dollars by the end of the decade. If you think that’s outlandish, just take a look at your smartphone. Whether you like it or not, if you are using a smartphone, you are most probably using Artificial intelligence as well. Actually, around 97% of users interact with AI daily.

So, the question is not whether you should use AI but how to utilize it in your best interest. Is it worth giving a shot when creating a website, and in what aspects can it reduce your work and help you create a stunning online home? In short, let’s discuss how to utilize AI when building your website.

Can AI do everything from A to Z?

AI can go beyond design and branding; it’s also a robust assistant for coding tasks. Leveraging an AI coding tool assistant can streamline the development process, helping you set up and begin using complex code functionalities in just 30 seconds. This ease of setup ensures that even those not adept in coding can efficiently utilize sophisticated code solutions.

Before we get started, however, let’s address the elephant in the room. You might think you can build a website just by telling an AI what to do. Wouldn’t that be something? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. AIs are not yet smart enough to create such complex things independently. They will need your guidance and your ability to share your vision clearly. The AI will also need refined instructions on how to proceed with some aspects, as it tends to be stubborn in doing things its way or in no way.

What AI can do, however, is help you with the heavy lifting. The manual job, which usually takes days, can now be done in mere seconds.

AI representation

Searching through the internet, you will find several AI-powered website builders who will promise you a great website in a few minutes only by asking you a few questions. And indeed, these are great if you have absolutely no vision whatsoever of how your website should look. However, at least for now, such platforms build generic websites that lack personality and flair. That’s enough to chase most customers away.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should entirely disregard this marvel of modern technology. On the contrary, you should take full advantage of the AI’s capabilities when building your website.

Use AI in web design

Just a few years ago, this was more like a science fiction than a reality. Today, we can bear the fruit of the tireless development of Artificial intelligence and its strive to take web designers out of business. Jokes aside, AI is far from being able to substitute an experienced web designer, but it can help first-time website owners know precisely what they want. In other words, AI is great at giving you an idea of how your website should look and what elements it should have. To top it all off, it includes complimentary color schemes that perfectly align with your brand.

In this regard, DALL-E can be of great help. Instead of souring for hours across various platforms, searching for something that might be up your niche, you simply write a simple request like, “Create a website design layout for an {industry name} in the {niche name} niche. The website is for {brand name}, and the target audience is {target audience}.” You will receive several versions of great-looking websites.

Uizard is another outstanding AI tool dedicated to creating exceptional web designs. Unlike DALL-E, it creates full-blown mockups like the one below:

UIzard screenshot

Just share what you want to create, add your categories and your needs, and the AI will do the rest. You can also use screenshots or sketches of your design, and Uizard will transform them into mockups you can use for ordering a website to a designer.

Now, as you can see, these AI tools won’t build your website but will help you get a clear idea of what you want and what you have. After that, you can make it yourself on WordPress or hire a designer to do it for you.

However, before that, you will need to work on your brand.

Use AI in building your brand

Now that you have a design in mind, it’s time to improve your branding. First and foremost, you will need a logo. There are many logo generators out there. Those that are free to use are pretty good but will only generate a standard logo. It’s good enough if you are just starting, but hiring a designer for the job might be a better idea if you are dreaming of going big. Otherwise, AI generators like Looka will create a stunning and elegant logo based on several questions and preferences. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes. After that, you can get your logo for a small fee.

Smashing Logo is another great tool in this direction. It creates various types of logos based on your preferences, industry, and niche, as well as your personality. Still, in the end, if you want to get a web-ready logo, you will have to pay a hefty price. Yes, you will have it instantly, but alternatively, it won’t be any cheaper than hiring a designer on Fiverr to create one for you.

Smashing Logo screenshot

There are many more logo generators, but at least for now, they are far inferior to having a designer create your logo. Still, they are handy to give you an idea of what logo to order. However, there is a far more valuable use for AI when it comes to branding. You can use it to find your perfect target audience, determine your buyer persona, and align your brand voice and personality to your target audience’s expectations. This is invaluable for your website creation process, as it’s instrumental to building your brand personality from the very beginning. In this regard, Chat GPT and Bard are irreplaceable partners.

Use AI in creating content

Speaking of Chat GPT and Bard, they can be of great help in creating content for your website. Especially with Google’s Gemini and Open AI’s Chat GPT-4, AI engines are truly on the verge of being able to create stunning copy for your website independently. Unfortunately, though, that’s not even close to enough.

Indeed, AI assistance is of great help, but if you want an honest, genuine connection with your audience, you must write from the heart. Most users can easily recognize AI’s refined and to-the-point style, devoid of any personality. You can’t force a machine to mimic empathy or human emotions, as it can’t understand them. You can’t forge genuine experiences, which, again, AI can’t have.

Still, AI can help you a lot with creating content. On the one hand, AI can inspire some great ideas on how to build your landing page. It will give you the best practices and even provide you with examples.

Furthermore, it will streamline your work by making the research process infinitely easier. A great example is researching your target audience and their characteristics. Instead of reading 20 articles and 30 papers, you can just ask an AI model to summarize all of them and give you direct answers to the relevant questions. Not sure what the relevant questions are? No problem, ask the AI to help with that as well.

Artificial intelligence can work miracles in the background. Still, don’t be greedy and write the actual copy and content yourself. Otherwise, your communication with your audience will remain just that – artificial. And believe it or not, users feel the difference.

Use AI in maintaining a blog

While we are talking about content, AI can help you greatly in writing your blog post. Though it’s pretty tempting to use Chat GPT or Bard to generate blog posts, this is definitely not a good idea. Even if you utilize the paid version of Chat GPT, you will still struggle to provide a unique perspective on an issue. You will simply paraphrase other ideas, which is not the point of having a blog at all. Your blog, along with being a great SEO tool, aims to showcase your professionalism and understanding of the industry you are in. It grants you authority. Thus, using AI to create blogs is disgraceful, to say the least.

Moreover, although Google doesn’t penalize AI content per se, it insists on sharing personal experiences with your audience. As we already discussed, however, AI does not have and will never have personal experiences, as it’s a machine. So, naturally, blog posts written by a well-versed in the industry writer will always be better for your SEO. They will also be better for your communication with customers, as well as for establishing your authority.

This being said, AI does have some excellent implications regarding blogs. First and foremost, as we already mentioned, it’s a great way to gather information faster. Still, if you are using the free modules, be careful, as they don’t always tell the truth. Chat GPT’s free version’s knowledge was cut off in September 2021, while Bard often feels the gaps in its knowledge with interpretations that are not always true.

Grammarly screenshot

Still, AI can be extremely useful for finding relevant topics, creating content plans, fast-tracking research, editing and proofreading your draft, and, of course, checking for plagiarism. Even this blog post uses some AI help. Almost all writers nowadays use Grammarly to avoid typos.

Use AI in SEO

You might want to dial down your expectations when using AI for SEO. Though utilizing AI will optimize your workflow and cut your work time in half, you still need to know the basics of SEO research. In other words, once again, AI won’t do your job. It will simply assist you in making it a bit easier and faster.

Before you get to the AI tools, building a good and winning SEO strategy is still your job. Yes, AI can help you with gathering and analyzing data, but the creative work will be left to you (or your team, of course). Still, utilizing AI to find trends within your data is more than a good reason to employ AI in your SEO.

Moreover, robots can also take over keyword research. For example, you can use Semrush’s Keyword Magic tool to help you find the right keywords for your needs. That’s, of course, vastly different than asking Bard to find you 20 keywords for your eCommerce niche at the last moment.

Keyword Magic Tool Screenshot

AI can also help you make your text SEO-friendly. There are a ton of guidelines that a writer should follow to create an SEO-optimized text. While most professional content writers know them by heart, most people don’t even know they exist. Thankfully, with AI, you don’t have to read through dozens of pages and try to guess what Google had in mind when writing paragraph 3.

We’ve talked about the Yoast SEO plugin, which uses AI to pinpoint problematic aspects in your texts. You can use this tool to polish your text and make it Google’s favorite.

So, just like with everything else, AI can help you a lot in your SEO efforts, but it will certainly not do the entire job on its own.

Use AI in customer relations

Though it might only play a supporting role in website building and content creation, AI takes the spotlight when it comes to customer relations. Utilizing Artificial intelligence will significantly boost your business in this regard, as AI will practically save you money, time, and effort. The easiest example is customer service.

AI customer support allows even small businesses to offer 24/7 support. What’s more, these AI interactions save you money from hiring an entire support team. Moreover, they effectively take care of over 90% of all queries, as they are most often something that can be found in the FAQ section or elsewhere on your website.

The best part is that the AI can store and analyze data from these interactions and help you position yourself better on the market.

More advanced AI can even make customer recommendations based on their online behavior. For example, if a customer is looking for a vacuum cleaner, the AI can also offer them some filters. Or they can pinpoint the color scheme of products they spend more time looking at and offer them similar products in the same colors. The opportunities are as vast as your imagination.

Use AI in eCommerce

Finally, let’s get to the most practical use of AI on your website – e-commerce. As we’ve already explained in our e-commerce trends for 2024 blog post, AI will be everywhere. It will be the catalyst behind the customer-centric offerings in e-commerce in 2024. It will also empower more and more brands to follow Amazon’s lead in offering personalized related products. The retargeting potential is sky-high when utilizing AI, which can increase your sales significantly.

Representation of business proposal

Moreover, AI can help you create a much more efficient sales process, boosting your productivity, revenues, and customer satisfaction. With artificial intelligence, you can create individual and highly personalized customer journeys based on the user’s behavior. This is significantly better than having one customer journey to fit them all.

For example, if a customer has entered your website through Google by clicking on a blog post, they are in a vastly different stage of their customer journey than those who clicked on a specific ad for a specific product. Thus, their customer journey on your website can’t be the same. With the help of AI, you can segment your audience even further, making the entire sales process much more personalized. Naturally, this will lead to better results.

All of this will decrease your spending and increase your overall revenues. Naturally, you will have to find the best tools to do that. If you are after a customized AI tool, you will have to invest a significant amount in building and teaching it. Still, the investment is well worth it.


As you can see, AI can significantly help when building your website. All you need to do is know how and where to utilize it. Hopefully, you will no longer have illusions that a machine can do the job while you kick back, relax, and take all the profits without lifting a finger. Unfortunately, the Technotronic era, as envisioned by Zbigniew Brzezinski, is not as close as the Polish American political scientist believed. So, you will still have to put in the hours to build up your business.

The first step, as usual, is to secure your infrastructure. Yes, even when creating your website from scratch, you need a solid foundation on which to build it. We’re talking of course about your service. No website can exist without a server hosting all its data. Luckily, this is not something you will have to take care of alone.

All you have to do is take a look at our plans and choose the one that best suits your needs. We at HostArmada pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line cloud-based hosting services. We offer lightning-fast loading time, top-notch security, and something no AI can guarantee (at least for now) – a 99.9% uptime. Remember that no matter how good your website is, it only counts if it’s out there on the internet for others to see. With our hosting services, that’s guaranteed.