Partnership Announcement: HostArmada partners up with Motto!

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Establishing an online presence for your business in 2022 is extremely important following the events of the global pandemic in 2020. In case you have missed out on doing so or simply do not have the time, we have exciting news. Today, we are proud to announce our official partnership with – a digital agency specializing in everything WordPress related!

This partnership is an excellent opportunity for our customers and prospects to work with a boutique and highly experienced agency that can turn their ideas into reality without investing time into developing their website.

How did it all begin?

Motto began their creative work more than two decades ago in their main headquarters based in Montreal. One of their proudest moments throughout the years is that most of their customers who started working with them in the beginning continue doing so today. This feat truly displays their professionalism and dedication to delivering a good service.

Initially, they specialized in eCommerce application development with PHP frameworks such as Magento. They drew inspiration from the rich culture of Montreal and were able to diversify their work by offering truly unique approaches to website development.

The demand for smaller and more affordable websites grew as time passed, so Motto had to adapt and incorporate new technologies. Naturally, as WordPress was gaining friction at the time, Motto started producing custom websites based on the platform and achieved excellent results in the process.

The previous experience with other PHP frameworks allowed Motto to enrich WordPress even further by bringing modern workflows and technologies to the ecosystem. Eventually, the market for WordPress sites grew even more and shifted Motto’s scales in that direction entirely. Today, Motto’s product portfolio is built completely around WordPress and every aspect of the application.

Why is Motto a good choice for you when it comes to WordPress?

First and foremost, Motto has been around for more than 20 years, which is a great assurance of tremendous experience in the field. Consisting of a small team, Motto focus on offering high-quality digital services. Paying attention to the tiniest detail enables Motto to polish a website to perfection and deliver a top-quality product to the customer.

The folks in Motto are really passionate about their work and take pride in their skills in various technologies and frameworks such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, React, and MySQL. Being acquainted with that many technologies lets Motto flexibly pick the most optimal one for your WordPress website.

Their services are nimbly structured so the customers can make a distinct choice based on what is needed for their WordPress website. If you are interested in the plans Motto offer, please feel free to check them out here.


Our goal as a hosting provider is not only to offer our customers fast, stable, and secure web hosting service but also to introduce third-party services that may improve their websites We believe Motto is an excellent digital agency suitable for any website owner looking to stand out from the rest of their competition. One of the key differences between Motto and the other digital agencies is their belief that any request – be it through email or phone – should be handled by a real person who deeply understands the client’s needs and can offer a solution to their needs.

Of course, being partners with Motto gives our customers and prospects additional perks! We are excited to announce that all our existing or new customers will receive a free Website Audit and a 20% discount on all of Motto’s available services. We urge everyone looking for a unique and fresh approach to their website to take advantage of this fantastic deal – we are sure you won’t regret it.