The Top 5 Web Hosting Trends in 2021


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Web hosting trends often follow similar patterns of change, innovation strives towards greater efficiency in execution, simplified design, and stricter security, but it’s still important to keep up-to-date with the latest in the news just the same. It’s a real challenge to pick up what’s of relevance in the sea of information that is the internet. So that’s why we are doing that for you. We’ve dived deep into these happenings to bring them all out in our latest HostArmada blog post.

Keep on reading to see the top 5 web hosting trends of 2021!

The Future’s in the Cloud

That title can be taken quite literarily, in fact. Virtualization technology seems to be more than just our future; it’s our present. As more and more businesses join the Cloud, it continues to develop in its usability and functionality.

Even HostArmada uses cloud-based solutions because that is what’s best for our clients and our server infrastructure. Cloud computing is all around cost-efficient, and not just web hosting companies can use it for their growth.

It’s all nice to talk about improvements, but you probably want some idea of how these improvements will benefit us? For one, cloud computing can make the internet perform faster, better, and stronger with increases in storage capacity combined with modular software, yielding high-quality fast-loading services and applications. Beyond the upgrades to performance and utilization, the Cloud is proving to be the economical solution, exactly because of its virtualization capabilities.

Zero Trust in Cybersecurity is a center stage web hosting trend

In one of our previous blog posts, we already mentioned that the recent spike in hacks and exploits, both by formal and informal disruptive elements and threat actors, has caused the global information technology community to take a step back and a long, long look at the way everyone handles digital security. The victims of massive cyberattacks and leaks haven’t only been big businesses like Microsoft or smaller ones like Solarwinds and governments across the globe whose agencies have been shocked awake about the reality. A reality that involves the adoption of Zero Trust in internal and external networks at all access points.

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Zero trust solutions like 2FA (two-factor authentication) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are becoming more common-place and for good reasons. Cybersecurity web hosting trends do not lie with the statistics they provide. Web Hosting companies are taking a different approach to how they handle home office workers. And so should anyone else handling their business over the internet or when working with freelancers!

Rise of Managed Web Hosting

Managed hosting happens when a web host handles the setup, management, and support of a server and or application. These kinds of web hosting packages try to simplify a customer’s life and allow them to focus on their project instead of bothering with maintenance and technical support. Many web hosts will be innovating further in this regard, providing managed and optimized hosting to specific kinds of applications like WordPress, for example. What does this all mean for the end-user and anyone looking to start their own online project? It means that the internet and creating a website are becoming more and more accessible. Tech experts take the lead in helping customers bring their dreams into reality by taking care of much of what having a server entails.

HostArmada is looking at innovating this side as well, perhaps even adding more than just our Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers in the future. So keep an eye out as we aim to provide you with the latest cutting-edge web hosting solutions!

Value Addition makes all the difference

As web hosting standards continue to change and improve, web hosts will be forced to either upgrade or be outperformed. That is a web hosting trend fact! Nowadays, many web hosts expect a customer’s patronage without actually stopping to think whether or not they are adding any more value for the price listed compared to their competitors. Typically, clients want to see good performance and reliability from their web hosting package. But that is just what is expected. That is the minimum. The natural competitiveness of a web hosting package is the value addition it provides. What does that mean? It means whether or not the features it offers bring it above the other offers on the market. Anti-malware tools, analytics, CDN, technical support, and many others make up the list of possible features a web hosting company can provide its customers.

This will make or break web hosts who aren’t adding enough value to their web hosting package. This is why we at HostArmada will continually work to provide you with all the tools necessary to run your online project with us.

Breaking down of traditional data centers

As we already started talking about before at the beginning of this blog post, the Cloud is the future. And thanks to its advances and rapidly increasing widespread usage, traditional data centers are becoming less and less relevant. Companies are shutting down or refusing to create their own data centers in favor of already established providers. It is predicted that by 2025, 78% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers.

Decreases in spending upon traditional data centers mean increased dependence on cloud-based servers and collocated data centers. While this is primarily motivated by reduced spending, an argument can and will be made, successfully, in favor of the better performance that comes from moving away from traditional data centers towards cloud and collocated solutions. We have the first-hand experience proving this to be a fact as our own web hosting solutions are Cloud-based!


We hope you have enjoyed these 5 web hosting trends of 2021 that we have provided for you in this latest HostArmada blog post. As always, we intend to keep you up to date with the latest developments and relevant news concerning the tech sector and, of course, our field of web hosting.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reach back to us at any time. HostArmada remains ready to be deployed 24/7!