June 1st, 2022 at 3:10 pm

Advantages of using a Domain Email Address instead of Gmail for your Business

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The Internet is constantly changing, and new communication methods are frequently introduced. Some of them turn out to be successful and establish over the Web. Despite that, email has been and still is today’s standard for online communication for over a decade now. In fact, around 150,000 emails are sent every minute. So, if you plan to take your business online, this is something you really need to consider as a key aspect.

Communication is undoubtedly an essential part of any online business. Whether it will be with existing customers or potential clients, it is vital for every company regardless of its size. In this spirit, having a custom email address is not a recommendation. It is a must! Technically, you can work it out with a free email service, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and so on. However, this comes with significant disadvantages that will potentially hurt your business. The major of which is that you will look unprofessional. And, we are certain no entrepreneur wants that!

To create a custom email address, all you need is a domain name and an email service. To make everything easier, cost-effective, and more convenient to manage, here at HostArmada, we offer a free domain name and a free email service as part of all our Shared, VPS, and Dedicated CPU Server Hosting solutions. 

1. Higher Credibility

Generally, everyone’s goal is to build a trustworthy and reliable image for their company. Even if you run a small local shop having a professional email address gives you an instant sense of credibility. It is in people’s nature to look for companies’ legitimacy before they intend further interaction. Based on research, over 65% of the surveyed confirm they will prefer a business using custom email addresses compared to one using free email service. An email address associated with your domain name looks more reputable. Hence, customers will feel way more confident in sharing confidential information with you. This will increase their belief that their details will be kept private and secure.

Considering how accessible getting a personalized email address is, this alone is a good enough reason to convince you.


Custom Email Credibility
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2. Easier Customization

Generally, your domain name represents your business over the Internet. Hence, an email address associated with it it is always neater and tidier. You have full control over the email prefix (the part before @domain.com), and you are completely free to create your email addresses based on your necessities. Furthermore, setting up different email accounts for your company departments ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.) and employees can help you better organize your business communication. Imagine if you need to do that with a free email service. In the first scenario, with an acceptable email address (for example, [email protected]), things can get really messy as all your emails will be kept under the same mailbox. In the second scenario, if you want to have separate email accounts, you end up with long, confusing, and hard-to-remember email addresses (for example, [email protected]). Not to mention that unquestionably looks extremely unprofessional. 

With HostArmada’s hosting plans, you can create an unlimited number of email accounts. This is quite convenient not only because you can set your emails literally with a few mouse clicks but because you get to conveniently managing all of them from a single place.

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3. Better Brand Recognition

Business labeling increases your brand’s recognition, and it is an essential part of marketing and advertisement campaigns. As previously pointed, the domain name typically represents your brand. Hence, having personalized email addresses is vital for your brand identity.

Your company emails represent your business in contact forms, business cards, and social media. Therefore, having your email accounts associated with your business name can help you impose your brand. 

Business Brand
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4. Enhanced Control

Having your custom email addresses grants you full control over them. Whether you track your orders, process invoice payments, or simply address customer inquiries, communication with your clients is crucial for your business. Hence, relying on a free email provider could be quite risky. First and foremost, you have the prerogative of administering your email addresses on your own hosting account. So, you can take your email accounts and email history if you decide to change providers. As a second, you can keep backup copies of your email history for enhanced security. In fact, with all HostArmada hosting plans, you get automated daily backups stored on remote servers for enhanced security. This way, the chance of losing important emails is lowered to the bare minimum.

You can also set up your emails on various email applications, such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc., across multiple devices. This allows you great flexibility in terms of managing your email communication.

Custom Email Control
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5. Prominent Marketing Results

A successful marketing technique is established on tight business branding. Your brand identity is incorporated and represents your mission, values, products, and services. Taking this into account, all your marketing efforts should impose your brand name. When your email address is linked with your domain name, the chance to be passed by from the client is significantly lower. Such email messages tend to stand out from the rest in your client’s mailbox. This will positively increase your subscription rates and consequently improve your conversion rates.

Custom Email Marketing
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When you sum up all of the advantages custom emails bring to your business, you realize how vitally important they are for your growth. We hope this information helped you to make the relevant choice for your project and start your new business the right way. If you are ready to take the first step in your journey, be sure to contact HostArmada Customer Care Representatives, who will guide you through the entire process of setting up your brand new custom email accounts.