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The importance of Data Security

What is Data Security and Why You Should Care About It

As an Internet user, you have surely bumped into terms like "Data Security" and "Data Breaches". It is essential to be well-aware of these terms from a user's point of view, but they are critical if you run an online business. It is obvious that...

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Sebahat Hadzhi

Content Marketing Specialist

HostArmada featured interview with Aviran Zazon of HostAdvice

We are happy to feature HostAdvice in our first ever interview for our blog. We are joined today by Aviran Zazon the COO of HostAdvice with whom we will take a dive into what their...

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How does SSL/TLS work and why you need it for your domain name?

Hearing the term SSL definitely rings a bell, especially to people who have some experience online with either website hosting or any other service that transmits data over the internet. What is it? How does...

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Best eCommerce Tips to Boost Sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2020

Without a doubt  2020 is the most bizarre year we have seen in a while. Along with everything else going on, the COVID-19 Pandemic led to unprecedented growth in eCommerce. Almost all brick and mortar...

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Advantages of using a Domain Email Address instead of Gmail for your Business

The Internet is constantly changing, and new communication methods are frequently introduced. Some of them turn out to be successful and establish over the Web. Despite that, email has been and still is today's standard...

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Take full control over the NGINX Cache with Cache Commander!

What is NGINX? When NGINX first came into being, the primary purpose was for it to be the fastest, most stable, and reliable webserver to date. Not only was that the case at the time,...

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Facebook deprecates oEmbed Endpoints for WordPress

Recently, Facebook announced that unauthenticated oEmbed Endpoints will be deprecated on October 24, 2020. If you have previously embedded Facebook or Instagram posts, videos, images, etc. on your WordPress website through the default oEmbed or...

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7 Tips for Catchy Blog Titles to Drive Organic Traffic

Blogging is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies implied by many businesses nowadays. We all know the phrase "content is king", but in reality, the king is quality content. So, naturally, as a...

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Key Website Metrics you should Track to Maximize your Success

Whether it is a small personal blog, business website, or an Online Store, at the end of the day, every site owner's primary goal is to maximize its performance. Therefore, analyzing your website metrics is...

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