October 27th, 2021 at 12:07 pm

Best eCommerce Tips to Boost Sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2020

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Without a doubt  2020 is the most bizarre year we have seen in a while. Along with everything else going on, the COVID-19 Pandemic led to unprecedented growth in eCommerce. Almost all brick and mortar stores have taken their business online in order to survive. During the lockdown, people’s shopping habits were permanently influenced. According to a study, 29%(US) and 43%(UK) of the surveyed stated that they prefer online shopping and do not plan to return to traditional shopping after the lockdown is over.

Black Friday is often the busiest shopping time of the year due to the huge discounts offered. It presents huge profit opportunities for businesses, hence, it is carefully planned by most. Although Black Friday’s online presence was steadily growing during the years, many customers’ sentiment prevailed that the best deals are offered ‘in store’. 2020, however, changes the game a bit. Whether because a fair number of stores will remain closed due to avoiding risky crowds or customers being more precautions, eCommerce will be heavily affected. One thing is certain, this year Black Friday will be like nothing we have seen before. So, here comes the next question, – How do you prepare your Online Store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020?

Prepare for Increased Competition

Most business owners are aware of how fundamentally important it is to prepare for the yearly sales season starting from Black Friday (27th of November) to Cyber Monday (31st of November). However, this year shopping behavior and expectations were permanently changed. Hence, coming up with a bullet-proof plan will be challenging even for those with solid experience. If you want to make the most of the expected breaking records this year, you need to start preparing early.

As we previously pointed, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, most stores have taken their business online. This undoubtedly leads to a significantly increased competition in eCommerce during 2020. This year, you need to expect competition from various directions. Be sure it will not be limited only to existing competitors, with so many new companies approaching the online world. So, how are you going actually to stand out from the crowd?

Focus on Segment Targetting

To begin with, you need to ensure the right promotion is targeting the right customers. Email marketing has proven to be highly effective over the years. However, you should avoid relying on generic, mass marketing email campaigns to increase your Black Friday sale volumes. Instead, analyze customers and product data to establish specific and tight segments. Reaching out to a specific segment with the most relevant content through the most appropriate channel will ensure a better response to your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promos.

Comply with Customers’ Behavior

Recently Google revealed a detailed report with useful points on how customers’ behavior changes this holiday season. Implying these points to your marketing strategy could definitely benefit your eCommerce website during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. According to their report, the following search terms are growing in popularity:

  • best affordable
  • available near me
  • curbside pickup
  • support local businesses

Google’s report points out that customers are deepening their researchers on deal-seeking to find greater quality and price value.

Embrace Personal Touch

Black Friday has always been a fight for customers’ attention. Of course, most customers expect massive double-digit discounts during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. However, it is not just about the discount any longer. Customers are getting more price-cautious in 2020, and they will definitely research and compare prices before purchasing your products. To stand out, you should focus on the care aspect and on campaigns that resonate emotionally. Providing them with additional perks could be a good way to distinguish your brand from the rest in your niche. That could be an exclusive gift, free delivery, bonus points, etc.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The homepage of your eCommerce store is the online equivalent to the entrance of your physical store. Hence, you need to make sure its design is appealing and attention-grabbing. Effective website banners and countdown timers are a proven way of creating a sense of urgency in your visitors. Typically, knowing that their time for purchase is limited to motivates customers towards a purchase, implying the fear of missing out on the deal.

Ensure Optimal Site Performance

Like any other business owner, you surely would like to strike the highest volume of sales possible during the holiday season. A critical point you need to pay attention to is the stability, optimization, and performance of your website and mobile app. Naturally, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your traffic will increase. It is essential to be sure your website can handle the peaks without affecting the performance. It is unnecessary to point out that customers do not like slow loading websites. Among such a high competition, this could definitely be a deal-breaker and lead to the loss of potential sales.

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Although it will be quite naive to believe the Black Friday season in 2020 will not be challenging, you can still make the most of it if you are well prepared. The key is to start planning early and ensure your strategy is well rounded for your business. It would be best to apply unique strategies and creative techniques to comply with the newly emerging consumer expectation trends.