HostArmada and WP Rocket: The Partnership for optimal WordPress Loading Speed

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WordPress, empowering 39% of the websites over the Web, is without a doubt the most popular open-source application. From small personal blogs to the largest news websites, over 60 million people have chosen to rely on WordPress for empowering their websites. Extremely customizable, user-friendly, with a huge community behind it, WordPress provides countless possibilities and it is not surprising that so many people chose it for their websites.

The high variety of themes, plugins, and optimization options can be considered as a great advantage, but, on the other hand, it can also become quite overwhelming for the regular WordPress user. We all know how critical smooth functionality and optimal loading speed are for a website. Slow-loading websites negatively impact user experience and increase bounceback rates, which consequently leads to the loss of potential customers and hurts online businesses.

WordPress Loading Speed Importance

As a hosting provider offering fully-managed WordPress services, we have prioritized our efforts into optimizing our server environment in order to grant optimal results in website loading speed and performance for all our WordPress users. Of course, the optimization road does not end at the server-side. This is our primary reason for researching pretty much all available optimization plugins, so we can suggest the most relevant option to our clients. Our long journey led us to WP Rocket, which you, as a WordPress user, most surely have heard of. In the following lines, we are going to point of what are the most significant advantages of WP Rocket compared to other WordPress caching plugins, and why we chose to establish a partnership with them in particular.

What is WP Rocket and how does it work?

WP Rocket is a full cache plugin that provides optimal website optimization. The idea of its creators was to develop a comprehensive and simple solution that grants excellent results without requiring technical knowledge of coding and website performance optimization. Initially released in 2013, it is one of the true WordPress caching plugin veterans. WP Rocket has proven over the years to be one of the most powerful plugins, that shows significant results in decreasing WordPress loading time and fine-tuning all critical website elements.

WP Rocket WordPress Caching Plugin

One of the greatest advantages of WP Rocket is that it is preconfigured upon activation. According to its developers, WP Rocket applies 80% of the best performance optimization practices. For the regular WordPress user, that is a significant pro as it eliminated the need for tweaking a long list of overwhelming and confusing settings and enjoy major improvement in the loading speed. WP Rockets applies the following optimizations on your website without any further configuration needed:

  • Page Caching – WP Rocket includes static file caching, which improves the loading speed of your website pages.
  • Cache Preload – In order to avoid serving outdated content, WP Rocket comes included with a cache preload feature that refreshes the cache whenever you perform changes on your website.
  • Browser Caching – It stores regularly accesses images, CSS, and JavaScript resources locally on desktop and mobile browsers to avoid additional requests to the server and faster loading time.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Minification – WP Rocket can minify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files in order to make them lighter, reduce the page sizes, and make them load quickly.
  • Dereferd JavaScript – WP Rocket allows you to load JavaScript deferred, which eliminates render-blocking resources and delays the loading of JavaScript files until the user interacts with them.
  • Lazy-Loading – WP Rocket comes with lazy-loading functionality for images and iframes. It loads only the images and iframes in the above-the-fold area (the upper area of your page, which visitors initially see) and defers the loading of the rest of the resources when the user scrolls down.
  • Database Optimization – WP Rocket comes with Post, Comment, and Transients Database cleanup functions that will allow you to keep it neat and clean and consequently improve your website performance.
  • RocketCDN – WP Rocket comes with a custom CDN for static file rewriting. Alternatively, you can integrate it with another CDN service of your preference.

Why is WP Rocket the best optimization plugin for WordPress?

WP Rocket is recognized by WordPress experts as the most effective caching plugin that requires little to none technical knowledge. Of course, we have thoroughly tested WP Rocket on our own in order to make an informative decision based on actual facts and provide our clients with accurate performance increase data. We have managed to reduce the loading speed by a total of 2.4 seconds and the page size by over 0.7 MB. In our blog post based on WP Rocket, you can verify the marvelous results the plugin shows even with the default configuration. Our final word is that WP Rocket is worth every penny to invest when it comes to improving WordPress loading speed and performance.

How to get a 20% discount code for WP Rocket?

As our goal is to offer nothing less than an outstanding experience to our WordPress users we are extremely proud to officially announce the partnership between HostArmada and WP Rocket. Being one of the most powerful, reliable, and well-proven caching plugins for WordPress, WP Rocket is the true winner in our list and we cannot be more pleased by the outcome of our collaboration with them. Combining our optimally configured servers with the true power of WP Rocket leads to outstanding WordPress loading speed results.

One of primary believes is that each client deserver superb service quality at reasonable price. No customer should compromise and settle with less than they deserve in order to cut their expenses. Therefore, we are happy to inform our customers that in result to our partnership with WP Rocket we will provide a total of 20% discount.

If you are a proud HostArmada customer and you are ready to start your WP Rocket journey be sure to request your special 20% Discount Code from your HostArmada Client Area by going to Order Products > Addon Booster.

HostArmada WP Rocket Partnership Discount

When you purchase your WP Rocket license be sure to submit a ticket request so our tech staff can properly install and configure the plugin for optimal WordPress loading speed results.