HostArmada featured interview with Aviran Zazon of HostAdvice

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We are happy to feature HostAdvice in our first ever interview for our blog. We are joined today by Aviran Zazon the COO of HostAdvice with whom we will take a dive into what their business entails, the various tools they developed for their clients, and how the Global Covid-19 pandemic affected their business.

HostArmada: Hello, Aviran! Thank you for being with us today. Could you give us some insight into HostAdvice’s field of work?

Aviran: HostAdvice is an unbiased web hosting comparison engine based on user reviews. Since 2014, it has been helping millions of people worldwide make decisions on web hosting services. It has over 4,000 active Webhosting company review pages and more than 65,000 user reviews. 

HostArmada: Surely, there are other organizations such as yours. What makes you different from the rest, and how did you manage to win over such a vast majority of hosting users?

Aviran: The statistics we provided in the above questions sort of answer that! We believe that our brand has helped many users pick the best possible hosting solution for their needs, and the overwhelming feedback we have received from them supports this. I believe that we are entirely neutral when it comes to ranking hosting companies, which is our biggest strength. Similar websites heavily endorse the highest bidder, which is not ideal. If the hosting provider they favor fails to provide the promised service level, this would seriously affect the client’s trust. Transparency is what we are all about, and this has brought it a great success so far!

HostArmada: 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone due to the Covid-19 situation. How did this affect HostAdvice?

Aviran: Due to the unfortunate situation created by Covid-19, a large number of businesses around the world have moved online to survive. HostAdvice has played a significant role in helping them find the best and most reliable hosting solution available. With HostAdvice having a robust recommendation system, we have seen a substantial rise in inquiries in 2020. Businesses worldwide have reached us to know about the hosting providers offering the best pricing and a high-reliability level. Before subscribing to any plan, they have approached our support team to see whether they choose the right hosting provider. With our outstanding comparison engine and fantastic support service, we have gained trust from people worldwide. It has made 2020 a tremendous year for our business. 

HostArmada: Having an unbiased opinion towards hosting providers is excellent indeed. Is there a way you show clients that a particular hosting provider is great for speed or has terrific customer support?

Aviran: Of course. Since 2014, we have been awarding hosting providers that have proven exceptional in a given field with badges, displaying the niches they excel in. Hosting companies earn these rewards based on the client’s feedback, and they can cover different areas: Best Shared Hosting, Great Uptime, Top US Web Hosting Choice, etc. We also have our own top choice category where clients can look for a specific hosting service based on our judgment: Best Overall Hosting Service, Best Overall WordPress Hosting Service, Best Overall VPS Hosting Service, etc.

HostArmada: Awesome! Are there any other means your clients can use to figure the most optimal hosting solution?

Aviran: HostAdvice has an in-house development team, who work tirelessly to produce unique tools, enabling users to uncover valuable insights. The most notable ones are:

  • Who is Hosting? – a Google Chrome extension that lets you find out who is hosting a site, even if the webmaster has concealed the DNS by services such as Cloudflare! This tool is useful for figuring out your competition’s hosting provider and capitalize on that based on the hosting provider’s weaknesses or strengths. A piece of information you can also receive from our outstanding support team and comprehensive reviews!
  • Hosting Marketshare – a highly innovative tool that allows researchers to find out who is earning and losing users/clients. Publishers and writers have used it to a very wide extend, covering articles in the hosting scene. Universities and parliaments have even cited it around the globe.
  • Plans Search – A handy tool that lets you pick the cheapest and most reliable hosting provider based on an exact plan search. Set the sliders, select what you need using the drop-down menus, and our sophisticated tool will handle the rest!

HostArmada: Apart from user reviews, badges, and these handy tools, does HostAdvice offer other content types that users can utilize?

Aviran: HostAdvice has numerous hosting guides and reviews written by the HostAdvice experts. With years of experience in the industry, they can provide you with all the ways of finding the best provider at the most reasonable price. Also, there are many how-to articles related to technical topics, making your life a lot easier. Moreover, we interview the top professionals of different hosting companies, uncovering valuable insights into the hosting industry’s present and future. By the way, thank you so much for the great interview Bogdan did for us – it was quite exciting and insightful! It showed us a great deal about what HostAramda stands for and what we can expect from them in the future.

HostArmada: To wrap things up – what would you suggest to the vast number of users coming for professional advice regarding hosting companies? Would you recommend HostArmada to your audience?

Aviran: In our experience, reliability and top-notch technical support are our user’s favorites! I highly recommend anyone looking for a robust hosting provider to factor in these first before anything else. While speed and performance are highly saught amongst many developers and webmasters, they tend to become futile when the server is down, right?

As for your question regarding HostArmada – absolutely! We are delighted with the user’s feedback for your company, and despite that, you are very new in the industry, the level of service you pull off is quite impressive. We are very optimistic about the future and our partnership, and we look forward to making a lot of clients happy by introducing them to your service!

Final Words

We hope that this interview answered some of the questions you may have had for HostAdvice! The hosting community highly regards them as the most transparent and unbiased hosting comparison agency in the market, and the amount of positive feedback they receive is phenomenal. We are thrilled that they did this featured review for us, and we are looking forward to a lasting and robust relationship!