April 19th, 2021 at 10:53 pm

Precision incorporated into Web Hosting Service

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One of the most significant aspects of the web hosting field, from the customer’s perspective, is its vastness. However, in such a diverse area, selecting the right service for your individual needs can become a hideous and overwhelming process of comparing countless Web Hosting Service providers. To ease this process, we would like to share a few words about what makes HostArmada unique and possibly narrow down your choices.

What makes HostArmada unique

The major factor that distinguishes HostArmada from its competitors is the innovation-driven approach in every service that we offer. While most companies tend to rely on old and morally outdated technologies, we at HostArmada invest our efforts in implementing the latest tech innovations available in the Web Hosting market, ensuring that our customers have access to the most important Web Hosting aspects – Speed, Security, and Stability.

Our top priority is, was, and always will be to take good care of our customers, their websites, and their personal data. With that being said, we have carefully established and grown a specialized team in delivering exceptional customer support over the years. Each customer is treated with deserved respect and every support case is handled promptly as we understand how vital it is to have a reliable Web Hosting partner 24/7/365 at your disposal.

Combining comprehensive technology with outstanding support, HostArmada strives to impose a high standard from the beginning since we understand very well what a professional business relationship is all about.

Technology that Impacts Performance

To have a website that performs outstanding both in front of visitors and Search Engines is no longer a question of well structured and optimized code. Instead, the equation consists of several other variables related mainly to the Web Hosting environment’s technology on which the website is being hosted. We believe that these variables are the three main aspects of the Web Hosting service – Speed, Security, and Stability. That is why we adopted these as the basic standards of every Web Hosting plan that we created.

Website loading Speed

With consideration of improving SEO ranking and customer satisfaction, every website owner aims to shorten their website loading time. Having a fast website decreases the bounce rate, improves conversion, and increases the time spent, which translates into a better customer experience across all the website pages.  To provide the foundation of fast loading websites, we have thoroughly configured our servers with the hosting field’s predominant technologies.

  • Native SSD StorageThe speed gain is unquestionable, and if performance is your top priority, you should always aim to have your website hosted on a server powered by SSD-based storage.
  • Redundant Network – Ensuring your website’s web availability is what makes it always open for new visitors. To utilize the stability and speed that our infrastructure offers, we maintain a high-speed, redundant network that connects visitors to the websites hosted on our services with very low latency.
  • Latest AMD & Intel CPUs – Every website visit triggers a process for your Web Hosting account. Having a reliable CPU ensures high efficiency and stability.
  • Stable CentOS – We are utilizing a stable Operating System in CentOS’s face across all our servers. Regularly updated, it ensures the outstanding performance of all components.
  • Latest cPanel The most powerful and widely used hosting control panel in the world. The user-friendliness it brings enables you to quickly handle any hosting-related tasks so that you can put more time and effort into what’s really important for you – your website. In contrast, we handle all the technical aspects of the service!
  • LiteSpeed & NGINX Web Servers – For our starting plans, we have chosen NGINX since it offers a significant improvement over the Apache webserver. On the other hand, if the loading speed is what you are looking for, we also offer Litespeed on our top Shared Hosting plan. Litespeed is a complete drop-in replacement of the Apache Web Server most people are used to. Not only is it compatible with the most widely known and utilized Apache modules, but in addition to that, it increases the speed of the websites using it by almost 10 times, outperforming Apache, Nginx, and even Varnish!
  • Latest PHP & MySQL – These two services are the core of nearly every website, and our customers can be sure that their websites will benefit from the latest stable versions of these services.

If you need an in-depth explanation of how the technologies we use actually work, please visit our Speed page.

Website Security

The security and reliability of the Web Hosting environment are also our primary concern. No one wants to see their website compromised or inaccessible as this lowers the visitors’ trust rate. To ensure top-notch security and to guarantee ultimate uptime, we have implemented proven practices and technologies across all the Web Hosting solutions that we offer.

  • Advanced Network Firewall and WAF – Every Web Hosting package comes with a pre-configured and fully functional Network Firewall, working in close relation with the Web Application Firewall. This setup lowers the risk of a website being defaced due to security holes in its code and functionality.
  • Live Security Events Monitoring – All our servers are equipped with a module for live monitoring of undergoing attacks. This allows us to understand the attack vector better so we can further develop our security solutions.
  • DDoS Protection Service – Although part of our Firewalls, we feel obligated to mention that our Shared Hosting solutions are all covered by a DDoS protection layer absolutely free of charge.
  • Malware Scanning – Having a protected website does not mean that it is free from malware. Sometimes you might install a module or a plugin that already has some malware injected in it. For that reason, all our Shared Hosting plans are being automatically scanned every week for potential malware.
  • Proactive Zero-day attack detection – The proactive security analyzes the behavior of the script during its execution. If the script execution is evaluated malicious, then the script’s file is being quarantined, preventing its further execution.
  • OS Patch Management Feature – We apply security patches to the OS of the server, the PHP versions, and other software products without the need for the server to be rebooted. Thus, reducing the downtime of the websites hosted on our server to a minimum and at the same time increasing the security of the environment dramatically.
  • Connections Level Limits – It allows for the number of requests per second from a single IP address to be limited to a reasonable amount, thus eliminating the DoS attack’s risk to virtually none.

Uniting all these components together results in substantive protection from the most common threats and attacks. By keeping our server environment healthy, we ensure your website is in its best condition.

If you need an in-depth explanation of how the technologies we use actually work, please visit our Security page.

Overall Stability and Uptime commitment

HostArmada is committed to delivering ultimate website Stability and Uptime for all websites hosted under our network. We promise an uptime of 99.9% of a calendar year, and if the uptime is not achieved, we will compensate our customers accordingly.

Versatile Hosting Solutions

Our hosting packages’ diversity is specially tailored to meet the individual requirements of every unique web project. A wide range of packages, from shared hosting and virtual private servers to dedicated CPU servers, can suffice various resources and traffic consumption needs. The flexibility to switch from one solution to another allows our customers to enjoy optimal capacity at a fair price while their projects are growing. We have packages specifically designed for the most popular web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, etc. with optimization’s primary purpose. Yet, we can offer custom products such as Bare Metal solutions or Servers with more RAM for your projects’ unique needs.

Detailed information and comparison charts for our Shared Hosting plans can be found on our Shared Hosting pages. On the other hand, if our Shared Hosting plans are not the thing you are looking for, please feel free to check our VPS or Dedicated CPU Hosting plans. Ultimately, if you are unable to find the correct solutions for your website, please contact our Live Chat representatives with your project’s details. We will tailor a specific solution that will fit your needs.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

Having your website hosted nearest your visitors’ location is always what you should be looking for since the closest your website to your visitor is, the better the loading speed will be. HostArmada is a company with a global approach when it comes to selling Web Hosting services. We offer nine available locations on three continents, so we can ensure wherever you are, you will get a fast, stable, and reliable service.

  • Fremont, CA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia

More details on our Datacenters you can find on our Datacenter page.

Support Experts Who Care

Purchasing a reliable and fast Web Hosting package is the start of an improved Web Hosting experience for your website. However, this is only the beginning. Each Web Hosting journey is unique on its own, and that is why it deserves a unique crew to support it when difficulties are being faced. HostArmada is a customer-oriented company. As such, we strive to provide the best possible customer and technical assistance to our clients, supporting them every mile of the way.

Our company is focused on recruiting people driven to become the best experts in the field. We carefully train our employees so you can receive exceptional assistance for your inquiries.  Our team members are skilled professionals who treat each of our clients with the necessary devotion and respect. With this said, you know you will be in good hands.

You can get acquainted with our team members by visiting our About Us page.

What Are HostArmada’s Longterm Goals

Setting ambitious goals for ourselves is a driving force that will keep us focused and relentless in the years to come. We have many ideas that we want to realize, and in the upcoming year, we will start steadily implementing them. We are eagerly looking for any feedback from our customers – it is always highly appreciated. In the foreseeable future, we look to establish healthy and productive partnerships that can help us reach our end goals and, of course, prove mutually beneficial to both sides. One of the first collaborations we did was with the esteemed WebsitePlanet organization, offering a wide variety of guides, performance tools, and reviews tightly related to websites and web development in general. They were also extremely generous and offered a featured interview with our Sales Manager – Bogdan Toshev, on their blog. If you are interested in what he had to say, please check the interview here!

A few words from our Management

HostArmada results from innovation-driven technical geeks specialized in creating new or improving already existing Web Hosting solutions. As a young Web Hosting company, our main ideology is to build trust with our customers by showing them how a well-designed Web Hosting solution can impact their business’s success. No matter if you are experienced in the Web Hosting field or are just starting your Web Hosting journey, our crew will help you reach the goal of a Fast, Secured, and Stable website since this is what you should be looking for.