May 27th, 2024 at 1:06 pm

SellKit Is The Hottest New WooCommerce Extension

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Finding a competitive advantage is hard with the e-commerce industry at an all-time high. It seems everyone is already on top of new trends, and you can barely find a niche. Furthermore, creating a comprehensive and proficient method of generating leads and converting them to customers drains your resources, time, and energy.

Indeed, finding your place under the sun in the e-commerce industry is tough and doesn’t seem to get any easier. The only thing you can do is find the right tools to make your work bearable.

That’s why most people use WooCommerce. It’s a magnificent WordPress plugin that allows you to build your online store from scratch. However, WooCommerce won’t give you the much-needed advantage, as 6.6 million active websites already use it.

So, you need to enhance your operation further. Thankfully, WooCommerce has a ton of handy additional plugins that you can add. And the first one, without a doubt, should be SellKit.

What Is SellKit

SellKit is a robust funnel builder and checkout optimization plugin that makes your WooCommerce online store more efficient. This outstanding plugin will give your customer journey the facelift it needs to increase engagement, conversions, and sales.

The plugin will effectively change your WooCommerce online store from an old, grumpy-looking, and underperforming place of business to a fresh, delightful, and lucrative market hub.

SellKit's homepage screenshot

Essentially, this is one plugin that combines five irreplaceable tools. First and foremost, SellKit is a checkout builder. However, having only a checkout builder won’t help you gain the much-needed advantage over your competitors. That’s why SellKit also operates as a Funnel Builder, so you can segment and target different audiences more effectively.

Moreover, SellKit offers highly efficient discount and coupon-building options, dynamic pricing, and other features we usually see in top-notch discount plugins.

Finally, the plugin offers some outstanding in-depth analytics. So, it also substitutes even the best analysis tools.

Indeed, SellKit is a 5-in-1 plugin that can boost your sales and increase conversion rates like nothing else.

How Can SellKit Help Your E-commerce Business

The plugin itself is a Godsend. It allows you to build a well-thought-out customer journey and use ready templates for landing pages, funnels, checkout pages, and anything in between. It’s an all-in-one sales plugin that takes care of your e-commerce business’s allure.

Of course, having a well-designed and thought-out sales funnel is not mandatory. However, it will help you visualize your customer’s journey and what you need to do to improve your presentation. In essence, building a funnel will not increase your performance on its own. However, it will give you invaluable visualization of which aspects of your sales strategy you must enhance.

So, SellKit gives you the opportunity to map out your customer’s steps, regardless of how ready they are to buy. Furthermore, it will help you understand your customers better and tweak your website so that more leads will convert. Naturally, this will not only improve your efficiency but will also give you a much clearer picture of how your customers think and behave.

The difference when using SellKit

More importantly, however, is the benefits SellKit brings through its checkout optimizations. The plugin will simplify your WooCommerce checkout page, removing checkout frictions and streamlining the process. Hence, the customer has no time to fall into buyer’s remorse or change their emotional state.

A well-optimized checkout page will always inspire trust and security in your audience. But that’s not all. It will also maximize the transparency of the purchasing process and allow guest checkouts for those not ready to share their personal information. Forcing your customers to register in your online shop will only downsize the sales and chase away potentially returning customers.

Who Is It For?

SellKit can benefit almost any online business that wants to sell its product or service online. However, the plugin is most beneficial to e-commerce stores, as it was designed precisely for these business owners.

Though e-commerce websites are in the spotlight, service businesses can benefit significantly from this plugin. The funnel builder, checkout pages, and dynamic discounts will prove invaluable to these types of businesses. The same features will be extremely valuable to dropshipping firms and companies offering digital products and subscriptions.

Finally, marketers can also benefit from SellKit’s vast analytic capabilities. Of course, the latter is not a primary benefactor of this tool. SellKit is, before anything else, a sales tool, not an analytics one, so it has some limitations regarding data analysis and collection.

What Are SellKit’s Features?

SellKit is, without a doubt, a golden opportunity to solve your sales problem with a single plugin. It offers 5 invaluable and robust features that instantly boost your sales performance.

Sales Funnel Builder

SellKit offers arguably the most advanced funnel builder in WordPress. It is easy to use and effective and has many additional features that can help you enhance your customer journey even further. The best part is that the funnel builder utilizes drag-and-drop software, which makes the entire process effortless. But that’s not even the easiest way to get a funnel. Just browse the massive library of ready-to-go funnels built for various industries and choose the one that best fits your needs.

The tool offers advanced segmentation, which can help you divide your customers based on their behavior and preferences. This way, you can boost your sales by providing order bumps and upsells to the people most likely to accept them. The plugin even allows you to add such order bumps and upsells anywhere along the customer journey.

Represenntation of a sales funnel

For example, some people will get frustrated if you offer them a laptop backpack right before they close the deal. This can distract them and change their emotional state, ruining their experience and decreasing their chance of returning. On the other hand, if you offer them the order bump (the backpack) while they are still looking at the laptop, they might agree that the backpack will enhance their experience with the laptop and purchase it.

On the other hand, some will instantly close a tab if you offer aggressive upsells and order bumps while they are checking out your products.

SellKit allows you to segment these people and offer them precisely what they expect to see. This will boost your sales, but more importantly, it will also enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Checkout optimizer

Over half of the users who reach the checkout page will never finish their purchase. This means that most e-commerce businesses lose their customers’ interest somewhere on the checkout page. Bad checkout page composition is the most common reason behind this devastating customer behavior. Business owners often overkill their checkout pages, making them cluttered, distracting, and frustrating.

SellKit can help you clean up your checkout page and make it simple and efficient. By decluttering the checkout page, you will remove all friction. Just use SellKit’s express checkout options, sticky carts, and skip-to-cart to streamline these last few steps, which customers often fail to reach. To ensure your customers have all the payment options they want, the plugin offers a wide variety of payment gates that are ready to be explored.

Checkout page with SellKit

You will need a different checkout page depending on your industry and niche. With SellKit, you can add testimonials, reviews, relevant numbers or information, and any other content that will help your customers make a purchase.

Naturally, optimizing your checkout page will instantly skyrocket your profits both through desktop and mobile.

Dynamic Discounts

Giving the proper discount at the right time is often the difference between a happy customer ready to bump your retainment rate up and an abandoned cart. This is a huge contributor to the 50+% people who lose interest right before finishing their purchase.

Understanding the problem, SellKit created one of the most sophisticated dynamic discount systems.

In essence, this means that the plugin will offer your customers a personalized discount whenever they seem to have doubts. For example, if a customer returns several times to the same product page but leaves without continuing the purchase, the next time they enter the website, you can offer them a small but lucrative 5% or even 10% discount.

With SellKit, you can establish particular rules for when and how someone will get a discount. Moreover, thanks to the plugin’s analytical capabilities, you can make this decision based on hard facts rather than hunches.

Checkout Notices

The checkout page is perfect for persuading your customers they are making the right choice and ensuring their return. This is where SellKit’s smart checkout notices come into play. These personalized checkout messages increase the chance of bumping up the order or at least increasing your retention rate.

You can choose what to offer, how to formulate your offer, when the message will appear, who will see it, and on what step of their journey. These rule-based notices allow you to choose between more than 30 conditions, including various shopping details, customer behavior, history, and geolocation.

The best part is that you can follow their performance and see which ones work their magic and which ones you can do without.

Like every other SellKit feature, this one will boost your sales and profit, as well as your retention rate and credibility.

Smart Coupons

Personalization is the secret behind SellKit’s success. This golden rule is remembered in their coupon system as well. You can once again choose from dozens of conditions to build your coupons most efficiently. Furthermore, you can set up different coupons for different customers based on their loyalty, spending levels, and engagements.

For example, if a customer has spent 100,000 dollars, you can offer them a generous coupon of 100 or even 200 dollars. On the other hand, another person has spent 10,000 but makes a purchase every other week. They can get a smaller 50-dollar coupon just to show their gratitude (and build up loyalty and trust).

Upsale representation

Once you’ve sent out the coupons, don’t forget to measure their success through their insightful metrics and charts.

These features are enough to help any business boost its profits, efficiency, and credibility. That’s why we at HostArmada partnered with them—to help you build the most profitable and successful website in your niche.

Why Do We Recommend SellKit?

As you’ve seen, there are many reasons to use SellKit as your personal sales sidekick. While HostArmada boosts your website speed, security, and reliability, SellKit ensures your products and services are represented in the best way possible. More importantly, the plugin is effortless to use, extremely affordable, and offers one of the most advanced sales multi kits on the market.

If you want to give it a try we have a special offer for you – 10% code discount coupon for SellKit. The code is HostArmada10 (applicable for all three SellKit plans).

The state-of-the-art sales funnel builder will help you create an insightful customer journey, and the checkout page optimization process will close every deal successfully. To top it all off, the dynamic discounts, smart coupons, and smart notices will make sure your sales will always be bumped up.