Website visitors are changing: Are you meeting their needs?

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Once upon a time, website visitors were very predictable, and the digital world was along with them. But times are changing, and a whole new generation or two (perhaps even more) of humans are becoming more relevant than before. Content should no longer be only aimed at catering to older generations. Usage patterns are constantly innovating and evolving at rapid rates of modernity. And instead of being conservative, website creators should be analyzing and examining the digital trends that follow modern visitors. If you understand your visitors’ psychology and needs, you’ll be better suited towards optimizing their visitor experience. With a great visitor experience, those who follow your online project or use the services it provides will be much more likely to keep on visiting.

In this particular blog post, we’ll be talking about website visitors, usage patterns, psychology of browsing, the internet generation, and more!

Website visitors have become impatient

With the rise of modernity, many people have become increasingly disillusioned with the concept of having patience. Especially younger people who are used to society providing speedy and efficient solutions to their needs and wants. However, it is not limited to them because of the dynamic lives we live and the needs of their business projects. Time has also become a scarce resource and valuable commodity. Users are already living busy lives, so convoluted and hard-to-navigate websites are more likely to leave them with a bad impression and scare them off.

Always try to streamline every part of your website so that your visitors don’t have to feel impatient while reading your content or making use of your website’s function. This will truly help you improve the user experience because beating around the bush is honestly going to increase your bounce rate!

The Internet Generation

Those born after the 1980s to the late 1990s, known as Millennials, and those born after the 2000s known as Generation Z are what compromise the majority of the “Internet Generation”. These youngsters are known for being there during and after the rise of the internet. As such, the internet and information technology are integral parts of their day-to-day lives. As they are beginning to grow up and join the market, they will be attracted by sleeker and more modern approaches. Traditional website building will not cut it anymore. Making sure to cater to the Internet Generation will only serve you in the long term!

Some good ideas to do just that is to feature videos and infographics because those are rising in popularity and use. And the best way to attract the attention of the Internet Generation is with consistent social media marketing. So it’s important to really look into that sooner or later.

Modern website visitors process information differently

And now we are building off what we began talking about earlier. These days it is rare for a website visitor to read every single line written on a page. It is even rarer for these visitors to read your content attentively. The longer, repetitive, and continuous the content on your website is, the higher chance it will just end up being ignored. This will impact your website bounce rate negatively. You really don’t want that!

Visitors these days, especially those who are part of the Internet Generation, are more likely to scan for essential information in simple words. This is why sub-headings play a more important role in content than most people think. Our advice is to have short and informative paragraphs. With proper spacing in-between to make it easier to read!

Shopping behavior has changed

Website visitors of today are on average more technical-savvy than before. These potential customers and service users are more likely to be concerned with speed, efficiency, and availability of features (as well as pricing) rather than with accessibility. Although, you should always aim to be improving your ease of use regardless of that fact. What is most important to consider is providing a secure platform and various payment methods, as well as user contingencies and quality of life improvements.

Depending on the kind of service that you offer that could be something as simple as offering payment plans or allowing the shopping cart to save the products that the website visitor has added even if they leave the site. Some examples of advanced features are integrating the possibility for leaving reviews directly on your website, creating customer accounts, and among others!

Mobile devices dominate as platforms for browsing

We don’t have to look far to confirm that one of the most popular trends in recent human development is mobile technology. Almost everyone, and their grandparents, are now using phones with greater efficiency than before. These devices have become more and more advanced over the years. They have turned into miniature computers that can fit in your pocket. Many of these mobile users are also browsing the internet on their devices. Whether it be on the way to work or simply relaxing somewhere outside, the statistics are clear about this.

So what does this mean for you? It means that a great hurdle to your growing business is being able to provide a mobile-friendly version of your website. If you provide content then the content must scale and be readable. And if you are providing services, they must function properly and without interruptions or mistakes.


We hope that you have found our research and analysis into how website visitors are changing. If you are wondering if we apply similar principles with our own business then the answer would be a resounding yes. This is all current data that serves as a guide and framework for innovation and business plans to be built around. Don’t miss out or alienate all the younger audiences because they will soon become the bulk of visitors and customers that you will be dealing with in the end.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns feel free to reach back to us at any time. HostArmada remains ready to be deployed 24/7!