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Melapress is an eclectic team of WordPress wizards and enthusiasts dedicated to developing exceptional management and security plugins.

Currently, that’s four premium plugins and two free plugins. The premium plugins are WP Activity Log, WP 2FA, CAPTCHA 4WP, and Melapress Login Security, while the free ones are Admin Notices Manager and Website File Changes Monitor.

Melapress was founded as a passion project by Robert Abela, who identified a gap in the WordPress market for an activity log plugin. Initially, the plugin was called WP Security Audit Log and focused on security logging. Since then, the plugin has grown to log all kinds of users and system activity and is currently the best user-rated plugin in its space.

Our plugin portfolio and the team experienced equally impressive growth, boasting eight team members and seven of the best plugins around.

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If your company has a product or service that fits with our ideology and with our services, please do not hesitate to reach us out. Our partnership program brings a tons of benefits for you and your business. Are you ready to take this mission with an Armada behind your back?

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