August 25th, 2022 at 1:26 pm

Can BeTheme be the theme of 2022?


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Is WordPress the best website builder for your online presence? 455 million people seem to think so, as WP has over 32% of the global market of websites and the mind-blowing 62% of the CMS market. If that’s not impressive enough, you can read more about how fantastic WordPress is here. Today, however, we will talk a bit more about how to choose a theme for your WP-based website and why BeTheme is likely to become the best WordPress theme of 2022. 

Screenshot of BeTheme website

What is a WordPress Theme

If you are operating a WordPress website, you will probably use a visual theme. That is a predetermined group of code, graphics, and styles that define your website’s overall appearance. Naturally, you can customize your website as you please, but the illustrations, sidebars, header sizes, and positions are predetermined. Basically, it’s the skin of your website which determines the basic functionalities. 

Themes are an integral part of the most popular CMS system, so much so that it includes several basic themes with the initial installation package. While they are good enough to build an operational website from scratch without having any coding knowledge or experience, it’s a good idea to go a step further and get a more professionally made and well-designed theme that will make your website stand out. So, naturally, there are a ton of themes with various features, looks, and qualities. To go through all of them is an absolute nightmare, and typically it takes around ten or more tries to find a theme that fits your needs. As you might have guessed, using free themes is far less beneficial in the long run, as they lack some important customization options, essential functions, and cool features. This means you can go with a free theme only if you have to make a website for a school assignment or a passion project.

Why do you need a WordPress Theme?

Being able to write your own WordPress website from scratch is awesome, but unfortunately, to do so, you need to have extensive knowledge in web development as well as know PHP, CSS, and JavaScript as a minimum. Naturally, that’s not something everyone has the time to learn, especially when they have entirely different interests, professions, or entrepreneurial flair. These are the cases where WordPress themes come into play. They are a quick and easy way to make one outstanding website without the need to write code or develop features. WP’s themes are completely customizable, which gives you the opportunity to make your website unique, despite using a pre-coded frame. There are tons of free themes, but the ones with outstanding features and options are almost always paid. Nonetheless, investing in a WordPress theme is far less costly than hiring a developer to create your website from scratch. It takes much less time to make a fully functioning website as well.

Screenshot of WordPress themes directory

So, in a nutshell, you need a WordPress theme if you want a fast, multi-functional, unique, and outstandingly looking website without having the actual programming knowledge to make it from scratch. And while it’s easy to pinpoint the reasons one might need a WP theme, choosing the right one might prove to be a bit more tricky. 

What is BeTheme

Picking the best WP theme is more often than not related to receiving a good recommendation. Of course, there are thousands of themes out there on the market, but our pick, without a doubt, is BeTheme

BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has one primary goal – to help users with little to no IT experience build a gorgeous website no matter the type they need. The relatively low learning curve allows anyone, no matter their knowledge and experience, to use this platform without too much hassle. BeTheme is a chameleon among WP Themes as it blends with your vision entirely to the point where you can easily create a unique and multi-functional website that will look and feel as if it were custom designed by professionals.  

Why do we think BeTheme is the Theme of 2022

There are dozens of reasons why we think BeTheme is the next big thing in the WP theme market. Nonetheless, we will stop at the highlights that made us choose this specific product in front of others that are almost as good. 


Being able to work with a theme from the very get-go is instrumental if you want to build a professionally-looking website fast and easily. This allows you to implement vital functionalities to your website without the need for a professional designer, which saves you money, time, and resources. The slight learning curve is practically no barrier for anyone who wants to start right away. Naturally, if you have some designer abilities and knowledge, this will help you make your website even better, but it’s not necessary to get a fully functional, easy-to-use, uniquely looking, and professionally designed website. 

Screenshot of BeTheme predefined styles

Astonishing library

Even if you have absolutely zero understanding of how theme customization works, in the BeTheme library, there are 650+ fully built websites, just waiting to get your domain name, logo, and pictures. Regardless of your operations niche, BeTheme has a solution for you. Whether you need a one-pager for art and culture or an intricate interactive website for architecture or building, it’s all there, ready to install on your server and start using with no extra steps. This gives you the opportunity to have an idea of a business in the morning and start earning money from it in the late afternoon (provided you satisfy all the legal requirements of your state, of course)


Mesmerizing visual capabilities

Whether we talk about the custom icons, the unlimited and completely flexible color selection, the designer typography, or the enhanced animation capabilities, BeTheme allows you to make your website one visual masterpiece. You don’t need to have any previous experience to build an interactive website that will capture the audience’s attention at once and lead them down the funnel to the buy button.  

Built-in translator

If you have ever had to use third-party translators for your website, you know what a complete nightmare this is. BeTheme made their own in-house solution which makes the whole experience much easier. It will translate the text directly through the theme options in several dozen languages without making silly mistakes that will ruin your reputation in another country. This is perfect for multilingual websites that want to offer products or services worldwide. 

Weekly updates for no extra charge

Although BeTheme is a paid solution to your website needs, it’s basically a one-time charge. After that, you get weekly updates for absolutely no extra fee. Some are just bug fixes, and others are related to compatibility, but what really closes the deal is the new features and themes you get from time to time. This way, you can refurbish your website anew every year without the need to pay an additional fee. Moreover, you will be able to introduce new features, which will reignite the interest in your website from older and lost audiences. 

Screenshot of BeTheme bundled plugins

100% in-house software and Premium Plugins

The 100% in-house software guarantees there are no security breaches, malware, and generally, guaranteed quality. This sentiment of premium value is reinforced by the vast number of premium plugins you get along with BeTheme. This way, you save money you’d otherwise pay for paid plugins your website needs if you want it to look professional. You can’t imagine how hard it is to be a successful online store or business today without premium MailChimp, HubSpot, YOAST, Cookie Law info, WooCommerce, or Contact Form 7 plugins. With BeTheme, you don’t need to worry about compatibility, as they are all included, as well as a dozen more.

Outstanding support

The best part of BeTheme, however, is their outstanding support. We all know how difficult it is to get in touch with support and fix our problems. With BeTheme, there are rarely any problems, and even when they are, getting a solution is easy and fast, thanks to their incredible support system.  

Build your website like a pro with BeBuilder

If you want to give your website a touch of your vision, but you still don’t have the CSS and JavaScript knowledge to do so, BeTheme is ready to help. The theme offers an integrated drag-and-drop website builder to help translate your vision into a beautiful website. 

Previously called Muffin Builder, BeBuilder is an easy-to-use plugin that offers 3000+ ready-to-use pages, 100+ pre-defined sections, and 80+ elements for you to use when designing your website.

What makes the BeBuilder the best option for you, is the insanely professional and optimized code that runs it. In fact, in comparison to other builders on the market BeBuilder achieves ~100% score on Speed Testing websites like GT Metrix for example. Take a look at this test page build with BeBuilder.

For all of you WooCommerce users, BeBuilder Woo is another great builder included in BeTheme. It lets you create your own templates and also build your own product layouts (or use predefined).

The latest addition to the BeBuilder is something that every designer will appreciate. It is called BeTheme Header Builder and will allow you to quickly and easily build the entire header and menu sections of your website.

BeTheme can be the theme of 2022

The WordPress Market, without a doubt, is full of quality themes, which all offer specific features. None of them, however, can come close to BeTheme’s flexibility, compatibility, and variation. Therefore, we believe BeTheme can offer the best solution to beginners and professionals. Although we focused more on how it helps beginners, you can find out its astonishing benefits if you are actually a designer or you know how to develop websites on the theme’s website here. You won’t find a better solution to your WP theme needs.