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In this document, our customers will find the Terms and Conditions behind all our promotions. Upon signing up for a Promotional Service or Product, the customers agree with the outlined in this document Terms and Conditions, HostArmada INC Terms and Conditions and any additional documents related to our services and specifically outlined in our Terms of Service pages.


Free Domain Name registration/transfer


The Free Domain Name registration/transfer promotion may be provided as part of the products offered on https://www.hostarmada.com website. The condition for registering/transferring a domain name for free to HostArmada INC are as it follows.

The customer agrees that a free domain registration/transfer is valid only for the free domain name extensions (“top-level domains”) specifically outlined in our Domain name portal. By the time this document has been written the following domain name extensions are eligible for the Free Domain registration/transfer promotion:

  • .com;
  • .net;
  • .org;
  • .us;
  • .biz;
  • .info.;
  • .de;
  • .co.uk;
  • .org.uk;
  • .ca;
  • .eu;
  • .uk;
  • .tokyo;
  • .futbol;
  • .business;
  • .click;
  • .com.br

If the desired domain name extension is missing in our Domain Portal, the customer should check either with our Sales team via Live Chat or with our Billing department by submitting a support ticket if the desired extension is supported as a free domain name extension.

The customer agrees that HostArmada INC can provide free domain name registration for some or all of the offered Web Hosting services under the following conditions:

  • A free domain name registration/transfer is available for Shared Web Hosting packages purchased for at least 1 year (12 months).
  • A free domain name registration/transfer is available for VPS and Dedicated Server packages for a period of the purchase at least 3 months.
  • A free domain name can be registered/transferred only in the first 7 days of the prepaid Billing Cycle. After that period passes the customer should check with our Sales/Support departments if the promotion can be explicitly provided.

The customer agrees that the Free Domain registration/transfer promotion is valid only for the first term a domain has been registered/transferred for with HostArmada INC. If the promotion is not advertised/existing by the time a domain name should be renewed, HostArmada INC will not renew the domain name for free and a renewal fee will be presented to the customer.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that in case of Cancellation of service that has a Free Domain name registration/transfer promotion being used, a registration fee will be withheld from the refundable amount. The registration fee for most domain name extensions is $13.95USD but only for .co.uk and .org.uk the fee is $19.95USD. The registration fee may or may not vary depending on the prices given by our Registrar. 

Once the fee is withheld and the cancellation of service is completed the customer becomes the sole owner of the domain name for the remaining period until the domain expires. The domain can be then:

  • Renewed with us, leaving only the domain as an active product/service.
  • Transferred to another domain name registrar.
  • Left to expire in case the customer does not need it.

When a Free Domain name is registered it is typically attached to a Web Hosting package as the primary domain. The domain name cannot be used for any other purposes in relation to HostArmada INC and cannot exist as a free domain name without a corresponding Web Hosting package.

HostArmada INC reserves the right to discontinue the Free Domain registration/transfer promotion at any time without any prior notice for the customers. When and if the promotion is terminated, all domain names falling under the rules of the promotion will become regular domain names that are billed on a fixed rate.

The customer agrees that a domain name no matter free or regular can only be canceled upon disabling the domain name renewal via the options provided in the Client Dashboard, or by submitting a ticket to our Billing Department requesting the domain’s cancellation which will trigger the very same procedure.

A domain name registered for free as part of our Free Domain registration/transfer promotion will not be renewed for free.


HostArmada INC reserves the right to change, update or remove any of the above mentioned Promotional Terms and Conditions.