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Google Analytics is a tool to measure your website's traffic using the world's most advanced tracking platform.


Google Analytics is a free web traffic analytics service supported by Google. The fact that is maintained by Google makes it highly reliable and widely trusted. It is by far one of the most popular analytics software used over the Web, and there are a number of good reasons for that.

It is easily integrable with any type of website or a web app - driven from a JavaScript code snippet inserted into the header of the page's code. Besides, it can be integrated with popular third-party and other Google services, such as Facebook, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, etc.

It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard providing visual-insights, which makes it accessible even to bigger users. This, in combination, with the ability to manage multiple websites from the same place, is extremely convenient.

Google Analytics gathers a wide range of information and provides detailed audits on website performance. It presents ready reports, which, when properly analyzed, can be used for a base of improving marketing and advertising strategies, user segmentation, website design, content, and functionalities. These reports can be divided into a few categories:

Realtime - Allows you to monitor your website users in real-time - what pages they view, what links they click, etc.

Audiance - Provides demographical, geographical, and technical user information, such as access location, browser and device type, language detected, and more.

Acquisitions - Contains information about the traffic origin, or how the website was found, i.e., from a search engine, social media, direct link, etc.

Behavior - Includes information on how visitors interact with the website, such as a number of page views, time spent, most popular pages, etc.

Conversions - Advanced tracking that can be joint with Google Analytics Goals. This is primarily intended for eCommerce websites or websites with email subscriptions.

When all that information is put together, it can be used to develop relevant and successful strategies and, consequently, to improve your website in various aspects.

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In this category, we will share detailed information related to the Setup and Usage of the Google Analytics platform.