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• Last Updated: 01/10/2020
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How to add Virtual Products in Magento 2


Virtual Products”, sometimes also referred to as digital goods, are goods that do not have a physical form. Virtual Products are sold and delivered in digital form. The most common examples of virtual goods are services, subscriptions, digital media, such as music, movies, books, etc. In the following lines, we will guide you on how easily you can create your Virtual Products in Magento.


Getting Started

In order to begin, please log in to your Magento Admin Dashboard and navigate through the left menu bar to Catalog > Products.


Accessing the Products page


Now that you are on the right page - let’s move forward!


Adding Virtual Products

Please click on the arrow next to the “Add Product” button in order to list all available product types and select “Virtual Product”.


Adding Virtual product


Besides the fact Virtual Products require the “Weight” option to be set to “This item has no weight” as they are not shippable, the process of adding the product is exactly the same as adding a Simple Product. In case you are uncertain what information you need to enter, you can find detailed instructions in our guide available here.


General settings


Once you complete the configuration of all the settings and enter all required information, please click on the “Save” button to finish the creation of your new Virtual Product.


That is it! Your new Virtual Product is successfully created and you are ready to start delivering it to your customers. We hope you have managed to easily complete the creation of the product and we would like to welcome you to contact our Support Team in case any further instructions are needed.

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