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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to manage Product Reviews and Ratings in Magento 2


Product Reviews are a vital part of every Online Store's marketing strategy - they can influence your customers’ decisions more than other advertisements. They play an important role in gaining customers’ trust and loyalty and help you distinguish your products apart from other Online Stores. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to effectively manage Product Reviews and Ratings in your Magento store.


Enabling Product Reviews

Product Reviews” are enabled by default in Magento 2. You can review your store’s configuration, by navigating through the left menu bar available in your Magento Admin Dashboard to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Reviews.


Accessing the Product Reviews page


If you would like to include reviews on your product pages you will need to ensure the “Enabled” setting is set to “Yes”. If you would like to disable the review functionality for some reason, please untick the “Use system value” checkbox and set it to “No”.

The following “Allow Guests to Write Reviews” setting will allow you to control if users will be required to login to their accounts in order to be able to leave a review. If set to “Yes” all users will be able to write reviews regardless they are logged in their accounts or not. Alternatively, if you want only existing customers to be able to write reviews you can untick the “Use system value” checkbox and set it to “No”.

Once you are ready, please make sure to click on the “Save Config” button in order to successfully record the changes you have made.

Now that you have ensured your store settings are properly configured you are ready to continue.


Managing Product Reviews

If the “Product Reviews” functionality is enabled in your Magento store visitors will be able to write reviews for all your products. Product reviews and ratings can be left from every product page by clicking on the corresponding “Add Your Review” (for products with existing reviews) and “Be the first to review this product” (for products without reviews) links.


Product Reviews links frontend


The “Reviews” section available on each product page lists all current reviews available for the given product.


Reviews section frontend


In Magento, all reviews submitted by your visitors must be manually approved by the store admin before they are displayed on your store fronted. You will be able to moderate the reviews, check them for spelling errors and once you ensure they are suitable for public display to approve them.

You can manage all product reviews by navigating through the left-hand side menu to Marketing > All Reviews. Of course, if you would like to check only the pending reviews, you can click on “Pending Reviews” available right below.


Accessing All Reviews page


On this page, you will see listed all existing product reviews - you will be able to manage, edit, and delete them, as well as to add new reviews.

The review table displays important details, such as ID, date of creation, status, title, name of customer, the content of the review, website scope, type of customer, product, and SKU.

In order to keep it consistent and review all the specifics, we will guide you on how to manually edit the reviews. However, please note that you will be able to easily update review statuses in bulk by selecting the “Update Status” option from the “Actions” dropdown menu, choose the status you would like to apply from the additional “Status” dropdown, and click on “Submit”.


Accessing Edit Review page


Now, please click on the “Edit” button for the review you would like to update.


Editing Review details


On this page, you will see displayed the review details:

  • Product - Indicates the product reviewed.
  • Author - Indicates the visitor who posted the review. “Guest” means the user who left the review was not logged in their account.
  • Summary rating - Displays the star rating left for the product.
  • Detailed Rating - Indicates the star rating and allows you to edit it if needed.
  • Status - From this dropdown menu you will be able to change the status of the review. In order to display the review on the store frontend, please select “Approved”.
  • Nickname - Displays the reviewer and allows you to edit their name. For example, you may want to change the name and ensure it is written with a capital letter.
  • Summary of Review - Displays the review summary and allow you to edit any typos and spelling error.
  • Review - Displays the content of the review and also allows you to edit it.

Once you are ready, please click on the “Save Review” button to record the changes you have made.


Managing Product Ratings

When your visitors write reviews for your products they can also leave a product rating. In Magento, you are allowed to manage the ratings and create your custom ratings. By default, there are four types created: “Rating”, “Quality”, “Price”, and “Value” (where only “Rating” is pre-enabled).

In order to access the “Ratings” page, please navigate through the left menu bar of your Magento Admin Dashboard to Stores > Rating.


Accessing Rating page


On the “Ratings” page you will see listed all rating types and you will be able to add your custom ones. Please note that even though, they are all displayed as “Active” it does not mean they will be available on your store frontend.


Reviewing available Ratings


Let’s say for example that instead of the general “Rating” type, you want to have two more specific rating criteria: “Price” and “Quality”, so that your customers can compare the ratio.

Please click on the “Price” rating type in order to edit it.


Editing Price Rating


From the “Visibility” list select the website level on which you would like to apply that change. From the “Sort Order” field, you can enter a value that will control the position of the rating compared to other rating types. Lower the value is higher the rating type will be displayed. Once you are ready, please click on the “Save Rating” button.

Please follow the steps above and do the same for “Quality”. Once ready click on the “Rating” type and make sure to deselect the “Visibility” scope by holding the “ctrl (PC) / “command (Mac) key and clicking on the value selected. Either way, the three rating types will be displayed.

If everything is done properly the review form will allow your visitors to leave star rating individually for the price and the quality of the product.


Product Ratings frontend


Well done! At this point, you know how to manage your Product Reviews and Ratings. There is nothing much left to say than to wish you good luck and positive reviews. We hope you have found our tutorial useful and easy to follow and we would like to welcome you to contact us in case you have any additional questions.

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