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Building the perfect website can be a quick and pleasant journey using our Website Builder!


Building a website can sometimes be quite a time-consuming task involving multiple parties such as frontend developers, backend developers, designers, project managers and so on. The usual complexity of the process is overwhelming and often the website owners are looking for easy-to-use alternatives especially when it comes to simple informative websites with static content and limited functionality. Although using Opensource platforms is a viable alternative, often these require a decent amount of time spent learning about the features each Opensource platform has to offer. Additionally not every Opensource platform is built to be used for a small website that aims to introduce a business. In fact, their complexity often makes them more suitable for enterprise-grade of websites with different functionalities and lots of content.

To address the complex decision of how to build a small website with zero to no effort, we are introducing the HostArmada Website Builder. This feature of the cPanel service will allow you to easily build a website using a predefined template thanks to a drag-and-drop web builder that anyone can handle. In fact, the only thing you will spend additional time doing is writing the content you would like your website to display while enjoying an easy to use builder with unlimited capabilities. 

Categories of Website Builder Tutorials

• Start a Website

In this category, you will find detailed guides on how to start your website using the HostArmada Website Builder! We will focus on the ease of access and of course the steps you need to take in order to get your brand new website ready.

• Website Configuration

In this category, you will find more information on the types of settings you can configure for your website. We will show you how to configure the General settings, the Media settings, the Google Analytics and Google maps for your website built with the HostArmada Website Builder.