Learn X-Cart

Extremely flexible E-Commerce platform with a vast amount of features and integrations!


X-Cart is an opensource shopping cart software that aims to handle large product catalogs while maintaining the speed of your store. It is one of the leading PHP eCommerce platforms and at the time of writing this review, accommodating more than 30000 online stores around the globe.

The software is really flexible, has a lot of features under its sleeve and is globally renowned as one of the fastest eCommerce solutions on the market. Getting started is extremely easy and in our X-Cart tutorial series, we are going to cover everything important you need to create your store and maintain it.

Categories of X-Cart Tutorials

• Installation

The installation of the X-Cart is a process that can be approached in two ways. In this category of tutorials, we are going to show you how easy it is to either manually install the application using the provided installation archive or to install the application using the Softaculous auto-installer.

• Managing Product Catalog

The product catalog is a collection of your product inventory, therefore, keeping it easy to use and well-organized is important not only for your customers but for you as well. In this section, we will explore categories, products, and promotional blocks and you will learn how to develop a customer-welcoming and engaging catalog.

• Managing Orders

Order processing is one of the most important aspects of managing Online Stores. In this section, you will be introduced with the Order Management System of X-Cart and you will learn how to efficiently process and manage your customers’ orders along with the transactions associated with them.

• Managing Product Discounts

Discounts are often used as a way of driving sales and building customer loyalty. In this section, we will review all discount types in X-Cart and guide you on how to create and manage them.

• Managing Users

X-Cart includes two user types - customers and administrators. In this section, you will learn how to create and manage your users, as well as how to assign them particular roles and allow them with access to specific admin area sections.

• Managing Content

Having the skills of comfortably managing your X-Cart content is really useful as this will be something you will be doing on a regular basis. In this section, you will find tutorials based on creating and managing pages and products.

• Managing X-Cart Addons

Addons (Modules) allow you to include specific, more complex functionalities or features to your site. In this section, we will review the process of purchasing, installing and managing Addons in X-Cart.

• Managing SEO

In this section, you can find guides and tutorials focused on improving the SEO of your X-Cart Online Store.