Learn Una

Una is a successor to the famous Boonex Dolphin application for creating free Social Network!


UNA (United Networking Application) is an open-course social networking platform for developing communities, social networks, and collaboration hubs. You can create complete websites with members, content sharing and social networking features. UNA is licensed under the MIT and its code is available in GitHub.

UNA is fully customizable, you can rebrand it, you can modify its code and resell it without the need to commit the code to the system.

UNA is a modern social platform solution suitable for custom projects which allows deep, easy and secure integration with external apps

Categories of Una Tutorials

• Installation

Under this section, you will be introduced with two different approaches to installing the Una Social Network software.

• Getting Started

In this section, we will introduce the basics of the Una platform and get you familiar with the workflow. You are going to learn how to efficiently operate through your Una Studio, connect it with una.io, and manage your Apps.

• Configuration

In this section, you can find guides and tutorials concerning the process of configuring your Una Social Network website. We are going to cover the most essential aspects of your site security, accounts, and emails.

• Customizing Appearance

The overall look of a website has a significant impact on visitors. In this section, you will find guides and tutorials based on theme customization, managing images, menus, and layouts.

• Managing Content

Having the skills of comfortably managing your Una Social Network content is really useful as this will be something you will be doing on a regular basis. In this section, you will find tutorials based on creating and managing pages, layouts, and blocks.

• Managing Users

In this section, you will find guides and tutorials based on how to create and manage users, membership levels, and user permissions.