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• Last Updated: 01/10/2020
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How to configure Contact Us Form in Magento 2


In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to configure the “Contact Us” form on your Magento Store. This form will allow your visitors to easily get in touch with you whenever they have questions or inquiries. As it is always a good idea to have such a form on your website, we have decided to give you a heads up and help you set it up. If you are ready - let’s jump in.


Getting Started

The first step we will need you to take is to log in to your Magento Admin Dashboard and navigate through the left menu bar to Stores > Configuration.


Accessing the Configuration page


Aftward, please locate the “Contacts” section available under the “General” tab.


Contacts section


As you will notice in the following lines the configuration is pretty simple - you will have to specify only a few details.


Configuring Contact Us Form

The "Contact Us" form is enabled by default and the settings are filled with default values already. You will need to untick the corresponding “Use system value” checkbox In order to be able to edit each of the settings and enter your custom information.


Configuring Contact Us form


Intuitively, from the first “Enable Contact Us” setting you will be able to control whether the form is available on your website. In case you would like to disable it, please select “No” from the dropdown menu.

From the following “Send Emails To” setting you can choose the recipient email where all messages submitted from your customers via the “Contact Us” form will be sent. Please make sure to enter an existing email where you wish to receive these messages.

From the “Email Sender” setting you can configure the sender of the email confirmation which will be sent to your customers upon a successfully submitted message via the “Contact Us” form.

From the last “Email Template” dropdown menu you will be able to select the email template sent as a confirmation email to your customers upon a successful message submission.

Finally, once you are ready, please do not forget to click on the “Save Config” button in order to successfully save your preferences.


Save Config


Very well! At this point, you have the “Contact Us” form configured on your Online Store. All left to be done is to customize it depending on your preferences, in case you wish, of course. 


Customizing Contact Us Form

In order to edit the template, please head to Content > Blocks from the left menu bar.


Accessing the Blocks page


Once you access the “Blocks” page, please locate the “Contact us info” template, click on “Select” and choose “Edit”.


Editing the Contact Us template


From this page, you will be able to control whether the block is enabled, to set up the block title and identifier, and determine the block scope.


Contact Us template settings


Please, scroll a little bit down and you will locate the editor which will allow you to customize the appearance of the “Contact Us” form. As you will notice there is an available toolbar that you might find helpful for formatting the text, adding images and links.


Contact Us form text


Once you enter your custom text, please do not forget to click on the “Save” button in order to record your changes.


You are all done now. We would recommend you to test the “Contact Us” form on your store’s frontend in order to ensure it looks as you desire and it functions properly. We hope you have managed to easily configure the form by following our instructions and we would like to welcome you to contact our Support Team in case you have faced any difficulties or error messages.

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