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• Last Updated: 01/14/2020
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How to change the Logo and Favicon of your PrestaShop 1.7 Online Store



The logo of your Online Store resembles a small icon which usually symbolizes the face of your business. The logo typically illustrates the brand of your store but also represents all the advantages and core values of your company. Typically the logo is placed in the most visible place on the website - the header and main menu block.

Once you have your logo prepared, please, make sure that it meets some requirements, such as:

Allowed formats - .gif, .jpg, .png
Suggested size for default theme logo - < 370 x 99 pixels

Now, since you are all set with the preparation for your logo, let’s move to actually changing it on your website.

Step 1: Access the “Theme & Logo” page


In order to be able to change the logo of your Online Store, you first have to login into the Admin of Prestashop. After that in the left vertical navigation menu look for the “Design” option. When you find it, please, click on it.

A drop-down menu will appear with the following options:

  • Theme & Logo” 
  • Theme catalog
  • Pages
  • Positions
  • Image settings
  • Link widget


Accessing the Theme and Logo page

Out of those, please, click the “Theme & Logo” option.

Step 2: Brief explanation of the “Theme & Logo” page


After you click the “Theme & Logo” option you will be redirected to a page called “Theme & Logo>Theme”.

You will notice that the page has three different tabs: “Theme & Logo”, “Homepage configuration” and “Advanced customization”.


Theme and Logo page overview


In this tutorial, you will only have to use the “Theme & Logo” tab.

The page is also divided into two sections. The first section is called “Your current theme”.


Your Current Theme section overview


The second section is called “Live from PrestaShop addons!” and is about personalizing your store with the best design for your business.


Live from PrestaShop Addons section overview


As you probably noticed the “Your current theme” section is divided into two smaller ones. On the left side on the “your current theme” section, there is a big picture.

That picture actually resembles the frontend of your Online Store. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the frontend of your Store.


Storefront image


On the right side of the “Your current theme” section, there is a smaller section called “Configure your page layouts”.


Configure your Page Layouts section


More about the “Configure your page layouts” section you will learn in the next step.

Step 3: Changing the logo of your PrestaShop Online Store


The section “Configure your page layouts” has three tabs. Each one of them gives you the option to change the logo for different sections of your store.

The first tab is called “Logo”.

The logo that you will be changing there is the “Header logo” and the same will appear on all the pages of your shop. To change it, simply click the “Add file” button, right next to the empty field.


Changing the Header Logo


Once, the file is uploaded you can go to changing the logo of the “Invoice and email logos”. To do that, please, click the “Invoice and email logos” tab.

There you will see two sections appearing - one for the mails and one for the invoice. Please, bear in mind, that if you do not change the logo for the invoice and emails then the main logo will be used instead. The invoice and email logos appear in your shop’s email notifications and the invoices sent to the customers after a successful purchase.


Changing the Invoice and Email Logos


When the files are uploaded you can go to the last step - changing the favicon logo. For that, please, click the “Favicon” tab.

The “Favicon” logo is a small image that is displayed at the left of the URL’s address and on the browser’s tab.

Please, bear in mind, that by default there will be a “Classic” logo for each of the sections in your Prestashop Online Store, this is why it is recommended to change it with yours instead.


Changing the Favicon


Right under the picture of your store in the section “Your current theme” you will see a “Visit the theme catalog” button.


Visiting the PrestaShop theme catalog


When you click it you will be redirected to the Prestashop Addons marketplace, where you will be presented with more themes.

Once you are done changing the logos of your header logo, invoices and emails, and the favicon, please, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the section.


Saving the new images


That is it! Pretty easy isn’t it?

Congratulations! Today you learned how to insert your own logo and change the vision of your website by making it more attractive to the customers.



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