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• Last Updated: 01/03/2020
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How to manage a newsletter in PrestaShop 1.7


Nowadays, millions of newsletters are being sent every day. This is a very efficient way to maintain the interest of your clients by keeping them updated with information about ongoing or upcoming promotions that can be interesting or important for them. The visitors of your Online Store will be receiving all the updates after filling out a field with their email. Knowing how to configure and use the “Newsletter” tool is beneficial for your customers’ interest in your business. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to manage the newsletter option and how you should be able to take benefit from it.


Step 1: The path to enter the “Newsletter Subscription” page

To be able to manage the newsletter feature you will first have to access the “Module Manager” page of Prestashop. To do that you have to login to the PrestaShop admin area and from the main left vertical navigation menu, you have to look for the “Modules” option. When you find it, please, click on it. You will see a drop-down menu to appear with the options “Module Catalog” and “Module Manager”.


Accessing the Module Manager


Out of these two options, please, click the “Module Manager” option. The action will redirect you to the “Module Manager” page.


Module Manager Page overview


This is where all the modules available, installed or for installation in PrestaShop, will be positioned.

Now, to find the “Newsletter Subscribe” module, you have two options - you can either scroll down the page until you find it:


Locating the Newsletter Subscriptions Module


Or alternatively, you can use the “Search” field at the top of the page. You can just simply type the words “newsletter subscribe” and press Enter.


Searching for modules


That will load for you all the modules containing these two words, including the desired from us module.


The module that you need for today’s goal is called “Newsletter Subscription”. When you find it, please, click the arrow for the drop-down menu. When you click it, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Uninstall” - if you want to uninstall the module
  • Disable” - that will save your current settings but the module will no longer be active
  • Disable Module” - that option disables only the chosen module without saving your current settings
  • Reset” - if you want to reset the configurations made for the module
  • Configure” - provides few options for configuring the module


Module options drop-down menu


Please, bear in mind, that if for some reason the module is disabled, you will have to first enable it, to be able to configure it. Now, please click the “Configure” option.


Step 2: Understanding the “Newsletter Subscription” configuration page

Once you click the “Configure” option from the drop-down menu, you will be redirected to a page called “Configure Newsletter Subscription”.


Newsletter Subscriptions Configuration page overview


The page is divided into few sections:

  • Settings” - contains basic settings for your newsletters
  • Search for addresses” - the options there are focused on addresses search
  • Newsletter Registrations” - contains settings about the registrations of the visitors of your Online Store
  • Export Customers’ addresses” - options that allow you to export CSV files to the customers' addresses

More details about each one of the options on the “Configure Newsletter Subscription” page you will see in the next step.


Step 3: Managing the Newsletter configurable options

As we mentioned above each of the sections that the page is divided into, contains specific options that will allow you to manage the newsletters for your customers.

Let’s start off as they follow, with the first one called “Settings”.


Settings section from the module configuration page


In that section you have four options to configure:

  • Would you like to send a verification email after subscription?” - If you want the subscribers to verify first their emails, click yes. That way they will receive a verification email with the link for that.
  • Would you like to send a confirmation email after subscription?” - The case is similar here. The only difference is that the customers will only receive a confirmation message.
  • Welcome voucher code” - One way to say thank you to the customer is if you would like to send them a voucher code that will be automatically sent to them in the welcome message.
  • Newsletter conditions” - Any conditions such as unsubscribing, uploading information and so on can be specified here. After the customer clicks the subscribe button the conditions will be displayed as a text message.

When you are done configuring the options in the “Settings” section, please, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the section.


Saving Module configuration


The first section contains pretty simple options. Now, let’s keep going forwards. The next section you will see is called “Search for Addresses”.


The Search for Addresses section of the Newsletter subscriptions module


In this section, you can find a subscriber by entering their email address in the field.

After the “Search for Addresses” section next you will see the “Newsletter Registrations” section.


Newsletter Registrations section


In that section, you will be presented with a list of all the users that have ever made a purchase on your store, no matter if they are registered or just subscribed. This is where you can find the following information about them: “Gender”, “Lastname”, “Firstname”, “Email”, “Subscribed” (if the customer has subscribed or no), the date of subscription. At the end of the structured table view for each customer, there will be a “View” button.


Viewing information for each customer


When you click it more information about a certain user will appear. Pretty much these are the sections that contain the basic options, but the really useful one is the “Export Customers’ addresses” section.


Export customers' addresses section


PrestaShop 1.7 build that extra section to help you perform an export of your customers’ email addresses. You can do that using 3 filters:

  • Customers’ country” - With that option, you can filter your customers by selecting a certain country or you can choose all the countries at a time.
  • Newsletter subscribers” - Here you can filter customers who are either subscribed for the newsletter or not and also who have or do not have an account.
  • Partner offers subscribers” - With that option, you can filter the customers who have agreed to receive your partners’ offers or not. You can also choose “All customers” from that filter.

Once you are done selecting all the necessary options in the filters in the “Export Customers’ Addresses” section, please, click the “Export .CSV file” button at the bottom of the page.


Export the customers


After you click the “Export .CSV file” button, a message will appear at the top of the page giving you information on the number of the found customers, downloadable link for the file, that you have to save to your computer and instructions what encoding to choose if you open the .CSV file in excel.


Export status and confirmation


That’s it, pretty easy, isn’t it?

Congratulations! Today you learned the benefits of having newsletter subscriptions on your Online Store and how to set them according to your needs.

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