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• Last Updated: 01/14/2020
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How to manage customers in your PrestaShop 1.7 Online Store



The main functionality of your Online Store is to sell products to your customers. So every time a visitor decides they want to purchase something from your store, they will have to either register or checkout as a guest. The registered users need to be stored somewhere so your Online Store can remember the visitor and offer login functionality for the already registered users. Fortunately, Prestashop 1.7 offers extended user management functionality which we will cover in the following lines of this tutorial. 

Step 1: Accessing the “Customers” page


In order to create, edit or delete a customer account, you will have to login into the Admin area of Prestashop and from the left vertical navigation menu to look for the “Customers” option. When you find it, please, click on it. A drop-down menu will appear with the following options:

  • Customers
  • Addresses


Accessing the Customers page


From these two options, please, click the “Customers” one.


Step 2: Brief explanation of the “Manage your Customers” page


You will be redirected to a page called “Customers”. On that page, you will be presented with a conveniently structured list of all the registered users on your shop.


Manage your Customers overview


For each registered user you will be provided with the following information structured in columns:

  • ID
  • Social title”
  • First and Last name
  • Sales
  • Enabled
  • Newsletter
  • Partner offers
  • Registration
  • Last visit


and a final column that you may consider as “Available actions”.

Please, bear in mind that when installing for the first time with sample data, PrestaShop creates a default user named John Doe.

It is recommended that you either delete that user or change its credentials before you open your store to the public because spam users can use it for fake purchases and more.

Under the “Manage your customers” section you will see a “Set required fields for this section” button.


Setting required fields for this section


Thanks to that button you can specify which additional fields should be displayed in the table “Manage your customers” located above. 


Step 3: Adding a new customer account


Now, since you know what the “Customers” page resembles, it is time to learn how to create a customer account by yourself. For that, please, click the “Add new customer” button and the top right of the page.


Adding new customer


That will redirect you to a page called “Creating a new Customer”.


Creating a new Customer


On that page, there will be only one section called “Customer”.

To create the new customer account you will have to fill out the information from that section. Let’s start as follow:

  • Social title” - social title indicates if the person is a man or a woman. You can always create more titles from the Shop Parameters menu→ Customers settings page → Titles.

  • First name” - the first name that is used in the confirmation emails.

  • Last name” - the last name that is used in the confirmation emails as well.

  • Email address” - essential with the previous two. The email address is used for log-in.

  • Password” - the password that you choose should be at least 5 characters long.

  • Birthday” - you can always use the birthday information for wishing the customer happy birthday and also for temporary discounts.

  • Enabled” - you can always disable or enable an account.

  • Partner offers” - with that option you can send partner promotions to the customers who requested it. Please, bear in mind that it is recommended to avoid subscribing users to these emails if they do not have their consent, because that may be considered spam.

  • Group access” - if you have customer groups you are able to create group discounts.

  • Default customer group” - a customer can belong to more than one group, but s/he should always have a main one. Thanks to the “Default customer group” you can always indicate which group you want to be the main one.

Please, remember to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the section once you are done with the configuration of the creation.


Saving new Customer


Now, the information that you had just entered is saved.

Step 4: Edit and delete existing customer


If you want to edit an existing customer account, please access again the “Manage your Customers” page. Next to each customer you will see an “Edit” button.


Editing an existing customer


Please, click it. You will be redirected to a page called “Editing customer and the name of the customer”.


Editing customer page overview


The only difference with the “Creating new Customer” page is that everything here will already be filled out. Please feel free to edit the information and once ready please save the information using the save button at the bottom of the page.

And the last step in order to cover the complete management of a customer’s account is if you want to delete an existing customer.

Please, once again return to the “Manage your Customers” page. Right next to the “Edit” button there is a drop-down menu. Click it and then choose the “Delete” option.


Deleting an existing customer


A message letting you know that you are about to delete the current customer will appear.


Confirming the customer deletion


If you really want to delete the customer, please, click the “OK” button from the message and the customer’s account will be deleted from your Online Store.

Congratulations! Today you learned how to create a customer account, edit and delete an existing one. 



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