Learn Client Area

Everything you will ever need to know about managing your Client Area with HostArmada!


HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”) is exclusively designed to provide our customers with the best possible user experience. Fully-featured with easy to navigate through menus, we have focused on developing the most convenient and user-friendly interface. The Client Area provides full control and efficient service management. This is the place where each of our customers will be able to maintain with ease their personal information, service payments, and the products they utilize with us, including domain names, hosting services and additional services.

Categories of Client Area Tutorials

• Getting Started

In this section, we will introduce the interface of the HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”) and guide you on how to easily navigate through it in order to get the best possible experience. In addition, you will learn how to login to your Client Area and how to proceed in case you need to recover the access.

• Account Management

In this section, you will learn how to efficiently manage your personal information, billing details, and sub-accounts through the HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”). We will also guide you on how to configure the security settings of your account in order to protect it from unauthorized access.

• Service Management

In this section, we will review the service management interface and guide you on how to efficiently administer the products you own with us, including your hosting services, domain names, and additional services. You will be introduced with all the features and tools available in your HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”) and you will learn how to benefit from them for exceptional user experience.