Learn Ezoic

Ezoic is an Ad Network allowing users to monetize their website using ads and optimizing its loading speed, improving user experience!


Ezoic is an Ad Network allowing you to monetize your traffic and earn income based on the number of visitors you have per month. In addition to monetization, Ezoic incorporates performance-enhancing features through their "Leap" technology, allowing you to speed up your website by applying technologies like MinificationLazyLoading, and Caching.

Compared to other Ad Networks, Ezoic is very approachable because it does not require your website to have ANY traffic. You can create a website today and start using it right away! 

On top of that, Ezoic offers a Premium program for users that increase their traffic and monthly ad revenue. The Premium plan allows you to earn even more and get access to premium features, netting you even more benefits!

If you have a website that already receives attention, or you just built your site and are looking for a way to monetize it, you should try Ezoic. Our tutorial series covers everything from Registration, Integration, Ad Configuration, and Speed optimization.

Categories of Ezoic Tutorials

• Ezoic Ad Configuration

In this section, we will cover ad settings and how to create ad placeholders from Ezoic's dashboard or with the Ezoic Chrome Extension.

• Ezoic Performance Benefits

In this section, we will go over the setup of Ezoic's Leap feature and also include a couple of performance setups you can test and see which benefits you the most.