Learn Opencart 3

Opencart is an E-Commerce platform with a great focus on usability and scalability!


OpenCart is free, open-source software based on PHP, using the MySQL database management system. The application was initially developed in 1998 and officially released in 2010. The simple and effective management, great availability of free and cost-effective themes and modules makes OpenCart the perfect option for small and medium-size online businesses. The possibility of integrating a variety of payment gateways and shipping methods allows the flexibility needed by any store owner.

OpenCart has an extremely user-friendly and intuitive administrative area allowing even people without much development knowledge to develop a fully-featured e-commerce store. Bu not only - the application is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. Therefore, experienced developers can really do a lot with it. The responsive design and the rich variety of themes lead to a satisfying user experience. If that sounds like a good solution for you, in this section you will find out how easy it is to start your OpenCart empowered website and customize it depending on your needs.

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